Saturday, October 1, 2011

shilin night market in taipei!!

Psh who wants to eat at a restaurant when I could eat at one of the most famous night markets in Taipei! Last time I didn't get the chance to so of course I was totally going to relish this moment. I've been here twice and I still haven't even seen half of this market, that's how big it is! Apparently there are two sections, one is the old Shilin Market building filled with eateries and the other is the streets and alleys all around it. I still haven't been inside the building because I don't know where it is but just the street part of it is so freaking enormous.

cheese potato
This cheese potato is similar to the American baked potato. The cheese is actually nacho cheese and I think we picked ham to go with with. I didn't think this was that great since the cheese was like a watered down version of nacho cheese and didn't go awesomely with the potato. Give me a bacon and chedder cheese baked potato any day!

almond milk tea with pearls
almond milk
Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite boba drink is almond milk tea. Since I'm in the homeland of milk tea I've been on the hunt for some almond milk tea. Both of these drinks were nasty. I was so grossed out that I couldn't even finish them. The drinks triggered my peanut hated reaction. Now that I think about it I don't think the first one was actually even almond milk tea, just almond milk. I bought the Silk almond milk in America and I hated that too. Too much actual flavor of almonds instead of the almond syrup that is found in the almond milk tea. I wonder if almond milk tea even exists here in Taiwan. Almond isn't very popular sad!

lemon and pepper clams on a stick
I thought the clams on a stick was such a novel idea! I love clams so I totally want to try it. I chose the lemon and pepper flavor because that is my favorite flavor of chicken wings from Dirty Birds! Haha. The clams were ok but a bit too chewy for my liking. The clams were grilled but maybe they should have cooked it in a liquid or something so that it would be more flavorful.

veggie bun
By this time my stomach was hurting really bad. I took a bite and I couldn't stand eating anymore. So wrapped up in my pain that I don't even remember how this tasted like.  I don't know why my stomach constantly hurts now and out of nowhere. Too much food maybe?

shaved snow
I believed that shaved snow would help my stomachache. Lol. I try to order the same dish as the one we had in Class 302. I ordered milk shaved snow with strawberries and condensed milk. They didn't have any chocolate syrup and didn't drizzle the condensed milk over the shaved snow, I'm guessing because the shaved snow was milk flavored. They didn't even pile the strawberries on top of the shaved snow! The ice cream was good too, not sure what flavor it was. This shaved snow was ok but still nothing close to Class 302... Will I ever be able to reach that perfection??

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  1. im so surprised you haven't found almond milk tea yet. i for sure thought thatd be first. strange. love your pictures. you make me miss asian good cheap food. :(