Sunday, September 11, 2011

sorry i've been mia...

So a lot of things have happened since I last posted. First I got violently ill in Taiwan. This is apparently a rite of passage for any foreigner. Not only was I lying in bed just getting dizzy while staring at the ceiling but all the nasty puking and toilet using was involved. Anyways the second day I couldn't go to work a fellow teacher took me to the doctors. I literally paid $15 USD for a doctor to check me out without insurance. Haha as if doctors would take that little in America. So since the doctor only spoke Chinese, my male co-teacher had to translate for me. Yup I had to describe my bowel movements to a guy I didn't know that well just so he could tell the doctor. I actually prefer doing this with a guy than a girl. Iono why. The doctor told me that I probably got food poisoning and combined with the fact that I've been working 40+ hours a week and under stress that my body was weak and couldn't fight it off. So now I'm better just in time to move into my new apartment!

Haha sorry for the crappy angle. The furniture are in all the spots where I can take a good picture. I will need to show you the bathroom another time. It's an eye opener. Home sweet home for one year. Feels like college :P Look at that couch so comfy for any friends who come to visit :D I also no longer live in Zhudong but in Hsinchu, bigger city and a younger crowd!


  1. you apartment looks awesome dude. total love nest for you, but without the love. and the fridge is in chair rolling distance hahaha how are you going to be able to leave the house ever i will not know. and personal AC? this is too much. so awesome.

    glad to know that you are okay after the illness. at least you have lost a few pounds (probably) and now can make them up by eating more extra food goodness.

    bigger city + younger crowd = party :)

  2. Probably got sick from that night market food.

  3. Haha Mal, I was thinking that too! I mean flying bugs, roaches, and all I highly doubt something didn't get fried up in there. Oh and I read online that westerners tend to get food poisoning because their body didn't adapt to the way things were cooked or something! I did research before I'm going to Taiwan!