Monday, September 19, 2011

teaching english in jhudong / zhudong

I've never really talked about my job which actually takes up 40+ hours of my time a week so I thought since I'm at work on break I might as well take the time to update everyone on how it all goes down. Not only have I never thought I would be a teacher but I felt bad for my teachers when I saw how crappy their jobs were. Haha I'm sure none of my friends looked at me and was thinking teaching material for sure.

Anyways here at my school I teach a range of students aging from like 7-8 years old to 14-16 year olds. The age doesn't necessarily correspond with their level of English. I like to be in control so I was totally thinking I would be one of those strict ass teachers that just has everyone listening to me because really I can't stand disobedience and observing the previous teacher and how the students were acting all crazy and not listening to her was something I couldn't stand. But you know me I loved to be liked. Haha. So I really didn't think I could find a combination of both where I was in control and still liked. But according to my principal when she observed my classes I manage to do this. Of course when shes observing me I felt like my class was freaking out of control and was making me look bad and that I was going to get fired for my incompetence.

I teach mainly younger kids, a whole bunch of my classes are new so they are fairly young. The constant need to be energetic is draining me. This coming from someone who is always freaking bouncing around and people ask me if I'm high or taking drugs. No doubt about it teaching English to students who don't even understand the basics is difficult but I'm actually having more fun than not. In Taiwan I'm allowed to say stuff like "Teacher is going to kiss you if you're bad!" Can you imagine that happening in America? I would be sued and labeled a pedophile for sure.

 I just finished teaching a class full of trouble makers who constantly speak Chinese and won't listen to my every word. It gets super frustrating and I just want to swear the whole time. Sure the kids are super adorable but really that adorableness only carries so far when you have a lesson plan you need to go through and they are distracting the other kids. Surprisingly I don't swear around the kids and everyone was so worried that my constant swearage would carry over to my classroom. I think it helps because honestly I say the same English words over and over because they can't carry a conversation so when can I inject swear words?

With my older kids its all about trying to get them to participate and not be such butt heads. I hear comments like "Teacher you are so crazy" or "Teacher you are so fat!" Kids I just love them... It's good to know that I'm not the fattest thing around in Taiwan or their comments would really hurt. But really besides my butt I'm losing fat everywhere. Say good-bye to what boobs I did have because that is going away. In a perfect world the fat would disappear from where I would want it to or go to the right places. With the older kids I think it really helps that I'm Chinese and I can understand their culture and know what its like to be Asian and celebrating Asian holidays and traditions. A lot of times I use that to relate to them and have little mini discussions which I think is harder to do if you have no understanding of Asian culture. I told my principal that I thought I wouldn't be able to make the kids participate and she said that she believed in me because I got the quietest guy at work to talk and if I could do that I could handle any kid. Haha. It's true as I was telling my friends I must be a quiet guy whisperer!

In a nutshell I'm actually having a really great time teaching here. I didn't think I would do a good job since I never had any experience besides tutoring which is not at all the same. This job made me realize that multitasking with 10+ kids is super freaking hard and that I can't juggle as much as I thought I could. It also made me realize that I do have a knack with kids. Kids might say they only like me "so-so" but honestly I'm the bomb and they know it. Haha. Here's to hoping that my whole time here in Taiwan is just like this!


  1. i love that you are just tooting your own horns here. beside posting pictures of food hahahah

  2. aww good for u carol!! sounds like you're learning lots through teaching :)

    and LMAO to "teacher is going to kiss you!" comment. what does that even mean?!!!