Friday, October 28, 2011

chiang kai-shek shilin residence

My sister really wanted to buy some candy to bring back as souvenirs and I remember spotting a place near the Shilin MRT stop. The candy store's name is called Sophisca and apparently is a candy store chain that's everywhere.

If you look closely you can see candy thats packed in condom boxes, pads, chinese medicine, syringes, bras, panties, etc. Not only is the packaging unique, the candy is shaped like that too...

Can you see all the different shaped chocolates? I bought one of every dirty shaped chocolate because I like the gimmick. Haha. The chocolates itself taste funky. I wouldn't buy them again but the brightly colored gummies are yummy and it was nice to find a shop that sold candy. The sad is I haven't found candy stores that sell by the pound. I really want some unique candies but most everything I've seen are from somewhere else like America or Japan. Since we were already at the Shilin station I told my sister we should check out a touristy location and so walked over to Chiang Kai-Shek's Shilin Residence. The place was super big and its free! I like how most everything that is touristy is free in Taiwan. We didn't really go around that much since we had to leave for Hsinchu today and had limited time. I didn't really take any interesting pictures at this place because the one place I wanted to see which is the actual house itself was gated off. I think its only open to the public at certain times but I can't read Chinese so who knows.

me and evo in front of some random fish statues
We spent most of the time trying to find Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing chain, while in Taipei. We kept passing by people who had their shopping bags and we knew it was located in a SOGO. We ended up going to the wrong SOGO and had to trek all over the place just to reach it. When we got there, there was so many people because today was 10-10-100 and apparently October 10th is like Black Friday in America. Lots of things were on sale. At Uniqlo things were pricy even on sale and the stuff they had was not pretty. They had a whole bunch of winter coats and plain t-shirts. Totally my style if it didn't cost so much for just a t-shirt. We felt those poster ads they had everywhere lied to us since they were pictures of people wearing brightly colored stuff and all I saw in the store was white, cream, grey, or black clothing. One good thing was that we found this little vendor who sold what I believed is called Lollypop Ice from an ice-cream chest.

my sister modeling the lollypop ice
Lollypop ices are thicker than ice cream and super creamy. We got the mango flavor. When we finished eating it we immediately wanted another one. Too bad we had walked too far from the mall but we seriously considered walking back just to get another one. This ice cream lollypop cost $40 NT.

Since we hadn't eaten anything all day I told my sister there was a mall at the Taipei Main Station where there supposedly an awesome food court. Well we went to the wrong one because we headed to the Underground Mall which doesn't really have much to offer so we settled for some curry.

curry with egg over the rice
If you're ever in Taiwan never order the apple juice or apple cider. I've had it on several occasions and it's nothing like what we have in America. It has a very strong alcohol or fermented taste to it. The fruit juices in bottles are super funky and most of them don't contain any real juice. I would stick with fresh juice from vendor stalls.

I have an EasyCard for the Taipei metro so I don't need to purchase a ticket every time I ride the MRT. If you end up buying a single trip ticket, it comes in the form of a token.

MRT single-journey ticket
You scan the token at the turnstiles before you enter the station platform. When you arrive at your destination you just drop the token into the slot at the turnstile before exciting the station. I like how they use plastic tokens instead of paper tickets. So environmental! The same thing for parking lots!

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  1. I love, love, LOVE the candy!! Looks fun.