Monday, October 31, 2011

fruits from the exotic land of taiwan

My sis was clamoring to try some "exotic" fruit while in Taiwan, stuff that she couldn't get while in America or the Netherlands. When we went to the night market in Zhudong, she bought some fruit from a vendor that cost a lot. It was like $200 NT for like two pieces of fruit. Ripped off much??? She left it out for a couple of days and this was the result...

cherimoya or buddha's head
Thanks to Oliva for telling me that the buddha's head is also called a cherimoya. However when I looked up pictures of cherimoyas very few actually looked like the kind in Taiwan so not sure if its accurate. So this Buddha's Head was so ripe that it basically bursted apart and was so soggy that it fell apart in the bag. I told my sister to try it even though I didn't think it would taste good because who knows how long it was open for and I also didn't want her to waste her money. She tried it and didn't like it. Haha. I swear its actually not bad, I guess you just have to catch it at the right moment of ripeness.

pitaya or dragon fruit
This fruit is more commonly known as dragon fruit. There are different types with different coloring. The one we have, red meat and red skin, is the Costa Rica pitaya. The taste was very bland very different from what I expected with its bright coloring. So bland that after a bite we threw it away. Not sure if it was too ripe since it had some liquidy parts in it...

Bought some bags of chips created by 7-11 with some Gummy candy. The garlic steak potato chips were yummy but I didn't taste the garlic flavor. The chips tasted more like pepper chips than anything, maybe that was the steak portion of the chip flavor. The plum flavored potato chips were nasty. The first couple ones tasted a little sourish. After you eat a lot more in one go the chips start tasting like ketchup, sweet and soury. I would not recommend this to anyone. Aren't chips suppose to be salty? I did not get that at all from this bag. At least I tried a flavor that I wouldn't have found in America. The Gummy choco ball is some flavored gummy wrapped in chocolate. Don't recall the flavor of gummy but the white chocolate gummy is more delicious.

Did you know that to call the police in Taiwan you dial 119?? That's mighty similar to ours in America isn't it? Also the only english language radio station here is FM 100.1.

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  1. That's what you get for buying plum flavored chips!! What'd you expect?