Tuesday, October 4, 2011

just random things...

More snacks and drinks to go over!

mango blue tea

Cafe 85 is a popular coffee chain store in Taiwan. I've never been in this place just because I'm not a big fan of coffee and most people agree I don't need caffeine in my body. But this place has milk tea and other types of tea too. The mango blue tea caught my eye because I've heard of green tea but never blue and I always say yes to mango! The mango blue tea was very tasty and so mangolicious!

Now on to the bane of my existence in Taiwan... my scooter!

my scooter
So I bought a scooter for $15000 NT and a fellow teacher had to put it under his ARC since I haven't gotten mine yet. So under the law it isn't even my scooter. The two weeks I got it, I kinda "drove" it. I would sit in the front and my fellow teacher would sit behind me controlling the handle bars. Haha. I am scared to death and really I keep veering off to the side or go very fast all of a sudden and almost crash into stuff. By now I've just given up and probably need to practice on a bicycle first. So my scooter is just sitting in front of the Erchong school neglected. Honestly I totally want to just sell my scooter since I don't really need it. The bus goes anywhere i have an interest in going. But of course everyone else around me is saying "oh, you'll do fine!" "you'll get it soon!" yadda yadda. Sorry, I wasn't raised riding scooters or bikes around and can't just learn how to drive in two days! If only San Francisco was all flatland that a bicycle was actually a feasible mode of transportation rather than only as a sport or a hobby.

my scooter license plate
Apparently 78 means like a girl's private parts or something. Haha perfect for me! Chad the teacher who helped me buy the scooter drives it sometimes and he said that the seat is a ball buster. Haha. I guess my scooters only for the ladies.

Ice cream flavored Oreos which are Oreos with purple frosting. This flavor was nasty. I would definitely not get it again. The frosting just tasted so artificial like I felt like I was eating the chemicals themselves. PikNik Hot flavor is good. Think Hot Cheetos but in shoestring potato crisps style. So delicious. Then there is the chicken flavored Lay's imitation of Pringles. You can tell its different because its not in a can. Chicken flavor isn't anything special but does kind of remind me of rotisserie chicken so I guess they got the taste right at least.

On a side note when I was in Taipei I saw a bunch of stalls on the streets selling random stuff. Reminds me of downtown San Francisco where people sell random handicrafts on the street. Well in Hong Kong these stalls are illegal and when police come they scatter away so fast they almost run you over. Well since there are so many little stalls set all over the street for night markets and stuff I thought these little stalls were legal. Apparently not because when I was at the Shilin Night Market there were certain stalls in the center of the walkway that were apparently illegal. I saw some stall vendors with walkie talkies that when they heard the police were near scattered to an empty aisle that wasn't very far from their original spot. I don't know the difference between the stalls in the middle of the walkway and the ones that line the side of the road. What makes them legal so that they don't run from the popo? 


  1. it's wise to show your license plate to the internet

  2. hmm does it matter if someone sees it? it's not like they can steal it from me.

  3. They had chicken flavored chips in Aus too, which I thought was weird. Next thing you know, we're gonna have fish flavored chips.

  4. find the piknix xtra bbq or the seaweed one. i prefer bbq over seaweed flavor but its not bad. as for the bike...suck it up!! :)