Thursday, October 27, 2011

liberty square at night

We woke up super early so that we could move over to our hostel, the Cat's Pajamas, before we had to meet up the rest of my co-workers to go to Jiufen. After getting ready I got a call that said our trip was going to have to be cancelled because of all the rain which would make it super unpleasant and none of us wanted a repeat of the staff trip. What really irks me about Taiwan weather is that its sunny all week and then the weekends it rains. So we got to the hostel super early and it wasn't even check out time so we just sat there using the internet waiting for the hostel workers to wake up and start working. Yes all the hostel workers were crashing in the common room downstairs, apparently they had partied too hard. While sitting there this white guy comes in and starts speaking mandarin to me. I tell him sorry I don't understand mandarin and he continues to speak in chinese! Later he goes in English sorry I'm drunk I need some water and wanders off. My sister and I just looked at each and was like WTF does that guy even stay here?!? He comes back and we hit it off and end up going to lunch with him and his friends. Swedish people! We were trying to figure out what we knew about Sweden but everything turned out to belong to Switzerland except for Ikea. This is the reason why I love hostels because you end up meeting such cool people that you would never have had a chance to meet if you were staying at a hotel. I was actually very sick this day and couldn't keep anything in my stomach. After lunch we just passed out for a couple of hours.

When we woke up I was feeling a little bit better and so brought my sister to Liberty Square which I've been to before. This place is pretty at night with everything lit up. I recommend seeing it both in the day time and at night!

Liberty Square a night
chiang kai-shek memorial hall
As we were heading over to go inside the doors started closing. I was attempting some jumping shots but my sister has super shaky hands and everything kept blurring. Afterwards we went to Shilin Night Market. The crowd and the smells of all the different foods quickly made me feel not so good again. I had to end it early but I did introduce my sister to candied strawberries. This day turned out super uneventful. I blame my sickness and the fact that it was pouring rain the entire time.

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