Thursday, October 20, 2011

a peek at how I live...

Got a little mini beef hot pot...

The big block of tofu was blargh. I hate tofu. I believe the thick squares near the tofu was pig blood. It was gross. Also there was a square with ox blood and rice mixed together. Not tasty. Actually besides the lettuce, beef, and a small amount of noodles in this bowl I didn't really like much. There was a lot of "unique" stuff in here.

So I never got to show you my bathroom so here it is.

my shower room
There is no bathtub so I guess its a shower room. As you can tell the whole bathroom is the shower area. My apartment bathroom is unique from others I've seen in that I actually have a shower curtain that separates the toilet from the showering area. On a plus side this setup allows me to clean the floors at the same time so my bathroom floor is super clean. On the negative its annoying to have the  whole floor wet and also to have hair all over the place. Floors are definitely easier to clean than a bathtub so kudos for that! Other apartments that don't have shower curtains separating the toilet have a box to keep the toilet paper from getting wet. Also buying a new shower curtain is becoming super difficult. All the nearby stores only sell really tacky ones with like fish and flowers. Just discovered that Ikea is here. I will be saved!!

what is this?
So there is this big white box above my toilet. I didn't really give it much thought in the beginning. When I first moved in I was basically taking cold showers. At first I thought it was because I had to share my hot water with the whole apartment and I just happened to pick the time when the hot water had ran out. This happened for awhile until I finally realize that there must be some heating mechanism. Had to make a fellow teacher of mine showed me how this thing work since everything was in Chinese. This brought back memories of visiting Megan in Spain and having to heat the water with gas. At least this one is electric...

I ended up buying a Taiwanese brand of toothpaste with all these Chinese characters on one side. When I flipped it over I discovered it had an English name...



  1. Uh.. pretty sure in the US we heat the water with gas too.

  2. sorry i meant she literally had to flip a switch to heat the water and then we had to wait. unlike america where its heated and waiting to be used

  3. hahah i had to do the same thing in vietnam. and the soup looks delish! i love pig blood.