Tuesday, October 11, 2011

taiwan taiwan taiwan

Here are some more random things I've learned as I continue to live here in Taiwan.

1. Being a lesbian is called being a T. In context the students will say to me "Teacher, are you a T?" I love my kids I really do... Also calling someone yellow implies that they are dirty/sick in a perverted way.

2. The garbage trucks here play some classical music. At first I didn't really get why they have to announce their arrival since really the only truck that does that is the ice cream truck. Well I found out that on certain days at a certain time the truck goes through the neighborhood and everyone on that street is either waiting at the trash stop or rushing over to throw garbage directly into the trash can! The garbage men are just sitting inside the truck waiting.... Best garbage collection or driving job ever... This explains the lack of trash bins on the streets. I haven't seen any public trash cans in my area but some how the streets remain clear of any major debris not counting any suspicious liquids on the floor...

garbage disposal

3. Scooters don't reverse. In the context of how I learned this.. The teacher I was replacing was walking down the street one day and she got boob groped by a man on a scooter. Her advice to me is that you walk the opposite way down the street because scooters can't reverse and so you won't get groped a second time!

4. They use some kind of moving mannequin to warn you of hazards...

poor man doing all the work while the humans sit around!

His "arms" actually move up and down waving little sticks and banners. This actually reminds me of those airport personnel who has to direct the plane by waving the lighted batons.

5. Students here have to take a big test every year on different subjects. I'm trying to associate it with the standardized tests we have in America except when we were younger they didn't occur every year did they? My students say this happens like 6x a year so I'm not so sure its for standardization of schools.

6. Also I'm not sure if anyone remembers my status post about wanting scooter training wheels but I actually ran into one...

scooter for the handicapp
So the training wheels of a scooter makes the scooter super wide and isn't as simple as just attaching a pair of wheels to it. A teacher told me these scooters cost a lot of money. Good bye hopes of having an easier time riding my scooter of death. Can anyone else sense my giving up attitude??

Forgot to mention that yesterday October 10th was a holiday in Taiwan. It's officially named the National Celebration Day or Double Ten Day. It celebrates the day the Wuchang Uprising occurred which ultimately led to the establishment of the Republic of China. Yadda yadda a lot of stuff that I just wikied. I just know I got a day off and someone told me its like a Black Friday in America where everything goes on sale. It's true the malls were packed that day but more on that in a later post. Oh this year the holiday was even specialer because its 10-10-100. The 100th year of the establishment of the Republic in Taiwan and a very lucky number. Kind of reminds me of how America went crazy over the 9-9-99 thing...


  1. a. i guess it's safe to say that you don't have to worry about being boob grope...?
    b. in vietnam we used to have a lot of tests too. a method to keep all those asians kids on their toes and study hard?

  2. there are scooters that aren't considered trainin scooters but bikes that are three wheeled. super dorky and pricey in the city.

    as for #3...hahahahah. i always wondered bout that in thailand, now i know.