Tuesday, November 15, 2011

17km coastline scenic area

The next location we checked out was the 17km Coastline Scenic Area which spans from Nanliao all the way to Nanking. We stayed in the small area around Nanliao Harbor, at one end of the 17km Coastline, which is also where the Tourist Information Center is at. The Nanliao Harbor was constructed in the early 80's for fisherman. However due to decreasing fish loads, the city decided to turn the focus from fishing to tourism instead. I still saw people fishing here in the polluted waters...

Nanliao Harbor
In the distance you can see some buildings whose colors remind me of Greece. No idea what the buildings are for since we just walked right past. There was a bathroom I believe and maybe some offices? I was distracted by the fact that some Taiwanese people were asking some foreigners if they could take pictures with them. I don't get the fascination people have here with taking pictures with foreigners. What are you going to do with the pictures later? Just show people look I saw some foreigners, here is proof!

i'm at the end of the rainbow so where is my pot of gold?
This rainbow arch is over the gate that keeps the water in the above picture from flowing away. This allows for a miniature lake to occur where the fisherman can fish. The other side of the pretty lake above isn't as nice...

the beach?
a close up
I've never seen a beach that looks like this. There is construction happening in the background. Have no idea what they are trying to build over there right next to the beach. Also have never seen the water level so low before. Doesn't even look like it is the ocean.... This place use to be super polluted until the city started cleaning it up to make it tourist friendly. Looking at this I can imagine how dirty it must have been.

Continuing around the lake we hit a large grassy area where tons of people were flying kites! I was expecting some regular old kites on strings. It took me awhile before I found any of those. A lot of the people had some crazy ones where the strings looked more like wires and their kites made a swish swish sound because they were going so fast and seemed almost like they were remote controlled with they way they flew around and around. Ideal place to fly a kite since the wind is so strong here. Couldn't keep the hair out of my face. Times like these is when I appreciate having short hair, long hair and strong wind equals being constantly whipped in the face with your hair and that hurts!

Continue walking and you'll pass by a wharf with tons of little boats tied to it. Passing that we ended up at a dead end.

a painted wall
There is a wooden ladder that allows you to climb up on the wall. Another one on the other side lets you access the beach. The beach this side is way better than the one next to all that construction.

Never seen black sand before. The water is so far back it doesn't even look like a beach. When its low tide it really does go super far away. The darker part of the beach shows you how close the water usually comes in during high tide. The view from the wall was pretty amazing. Definitely a pretty place to bring a date. Nearby is also a big building that hosts a seafood market and seafood restaurants. There was also a small night market in front of the building. Opted to go for Korean BBQ instead. I actually just wanted some barbeque pork but I was misunderstood so Taiwanese version of Korean BBQ it is.

a korean bbq hotpot?
I looked at this and was like wtf?!? So the center is a hot plate kind of deal and not actually a grill where you can cook the meat. Surrounding that is circle of water. Just imagine like a castle with a moat. The veggies are cooked in the water while the meat is cooked on the raised hot plate area. The pork wasn't marinated in the delicious spicy sauce that every Korean restaurant I've been to has! I had to make my own impromptu sauce with what they provided. Spicy but nowhere close to the yumminess I've gotten in the states. At hotpot places the water is usually a broth to cook the veggies and meat but this was just regular water so I had to dip the veggies and the meat in the sauce to get any flavor. This place was located in the food court at the top of the Mega Mall. Didn't even know they had a food court! I haven't been to a Korean BBQ restaurant yet so I'm not sure if this is how its done everywhere in Taiwan or only because of the limited space at a food court restaurant. Still hankering for some Korean BBQ Pork!

The Details
17km Coastline Scenic Area
From Hsinchu Railway take bus #15; final stop is the Harbor
Cost: $15 NT

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