Wednesday, November 23, 2011

come again?

So toilet paper in Taiwan comes in square packages like tissue paper. So whenever I go shopping for toilet paper I often ask whoever is with me which one is toilet paper and which is tissue paper, since I can't distinguish all the Chinese. The answer I get back is always "There's a difference?" I just get this face like yes of course there is a difference, ones for your face and ones for your ass! Paper snob anyone? Of course here in Taiwan they use toilet paper and tissue paper interchangeably so people just think I'm wack. I could purchase "western" toilet paper but they are usually way more expensive than the "taiwanese" kind. My Asian cheapness will not allow me to choose the more expensive option! I have no problem with that since in my bathroom I don't even have a toilet paper roll holder so the tissue/toilet paper in its own individual package sits better on top of my toilet tank.

The shocker is that supposedly we aren't suppose to flush the "toilet" paper down the toilet. I mean I did notice that the paper didn't disintegrate like toilet paper in America but I didn't think you weren't suppose to flush them at all. Like no matter what... Don't flush it down the toilet! I understand throwing the "toilet" paper in the trashcan if you're just peeing and such. But what I found out from the locals here is that in ANY SCENARIO THAT CAN HAPPEN IN THE BATHROOM you throw the paper into the trash can. Then I'm just thinking how long does that toilet paper sit there before the trash gets emptied? What about the smell?? Is that why the bathrooms smell so bad? I do not want to go to the bathroom and see someones nasty, dirtied "toilet" paper in the trash can. Especially with what goes on in the women's bathroom...

So I guess Taiwanese people are taught from an early age that flushing paper down the toilet will create clogs but then I'm just wondering why don't they just create toilet paper that disintegrates? At work they even made us sign a sheet that said we wouldn't flush the paper down the toilet. I was actually super shocked that I wasn't suppose to at work. Oops.. One of my co-teachers did tell me a story about a teacher who flushed toilet paper in his house and the landlord asked him to stop since it was clogging up the pipes... Despite that I know that I won't be stopping my horrible ways. Sorry Taiwan. Sorry pipes.

As I sit here writing this, my mind just goes on all these tangents about the dirty paper in the trashcan. Like god can you imagine the germs and the bacteria?!?!? It's just so wrong. I was seriously hoping it was a unique situation when one of my TA's told me that's how it was done, like they somehow was raised in like a rural farm somewhere. But nope all the other TAs confirmed that that's how its done. So I guess the only people creating clogs and such in public areas must be all the foreigners in the area. The thing is I know there is actual toilet paper here since in all public bathrooms, well at least in the city, they have toilet paper that you flush... So why can't they just mass produce it so that the general public can buy it? Is this a thing where people don't want to have to spend money on two different types of paper and would rather just buy the big pack and use it interchangeably for ass and face? Knowing the Asian frugal-ness that is most likely the case.


  1. That was gross. I'm quitting your blog.

  2. Lol. You know when Chinese people move here, they use rolls of toilet paper as Kleenex. I remember I was at Mom's friend's house (the one who moved here from China) and I asked for tissue to wipe my nose and they freakin gave me toilet paper. I looked at Mom like WTF? And she just laughed..