Sunday, November 27, 2011

finally updating my travel album...

Back in August I mentioned that I would be keeping up a travel album to go along with my travels. Although I do update it whenever I go somewhere, it is quite different from what I had in mind. It has now become the place where I stick any cards or brochures from my traveling destinations and has become quite thick because of it...

travel album
I've gone through less than 1/10th of the book and its already too big to close fully. As anyone who has ever traveled with me, you would know that I am super obsessed with collecting brochures and maps of the place I visit. The first thing I do is seek the information desk or center to collect brochures. Here in Taiwan I grab every brochure and map in English because with the way they distribute the information you won't be sure that you'll get that area specific brochure at that location. This way I also know what to visit while I'm here. Because the book is so bulky I don't bring it with me because it's so heavy. This really defeated the idea I had with bringing this book with me everywhere and scrapping as I travel. Rarely do I have time to sit there and stick pictures and such in here while I'm outside. I don't know why but I had this image of me sitting in some cafe watching life pass as I did this. Lol. Most times I'm just running around trying to cram as much as I can in the day before the sun sets, which I feel is so early here around 5-6pm. This also defeated the dream of having this album with me so that if I ran into any Taiwanese celebrities I could ask them for autographs and pictures...

hsinchu and taipei
See I even brought paper pockets so I had a place to stuff the brochures in. Once I get back to the states I will probably unload most of those brochures into my scrapbooking album when I make the pages for them which will probably be in 2 or 3 years. Haha.

yilan and taipei
Yes I just stick random ass cards in here telling me what I ate and stuff. Also in case I ever need to go back or because it might be info I need to blog about. The most exciting thing I've found about Taiwan is that at every tourist destination there are souvenir stamps. Whenever I see one it always kills me that I don't have any paper on me and I end up stamping all over the brochures. I totally need to be like the other people I see and have my own designated stamp book. It would be ideal if I could bring my album and stamp as I go but again too bulky to carry around for hours while walking around.

taipei stamps
kaohsiung stamps
Practically every place has a stamp. If you can't see one you just need to ask or show them what you mean and they will bring you to the place to stamp it. Some of them are located in obscure places. Even the MRT and train stations have the stamps! Haha I go crazy trying to hunt them down. Usually I'm the only one whose stamping my paper, either that or little children are competing with me. I use my longer arms to my advantage. Haha suckers.

Kaohsiung even had its own sheet for you to collect the stamps. I was sad to say I only got two out of all the ones offered in Kaohsiung. Sometimes the stamps are so random and has nothing to do with the location but it's still nice to be able to carry a small souvenir of the place with me. I think we are suppose to maybe stamp postcards or something with them since when you buy postcards the stores offer you stamps to stamp your postcard with. Sorry I don't write my postcards until I'm home... So this is just to let peoples know I'm still scrapbooking though not in the traditional sense. What with updating my blog, updating my travel album and updating people through e-mail, I write a lot about my life in Taiwan...

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  1. the national parks have a similar thing!!! stamps at every park. but they have a book designated to just collecting the stamps. andy and i just got one last year and we do the same, search for the stamps! haha. it's actually a pretty cool thing. and your travel book looks amazing!