Friday, November 11, 2011

halloween the same in the states and in taiwan...

Of course Halloween isn't the exact same in Taiwan as it was in the States. For one thing I don't have to deliberately hide from the trick-or-treaters while I'm in Taiwan. I remember last year's Halloween was pretty lame with all my college friends moving back home and me staying back in San Diego. I had a Skype date with a friend and all my stuff was in the living room. Well my living room has a big window that opens out to a walkway where everyone can spot that my light is on. I was so busy on my computer that I forgot that at night the kids were going to come by. Being a super poor college graduate I had no money or time to buy candy in bulk. Well the bell rang and I had to be one of those horrid peoples who turn the light off after the kids ring the bell. Yah I've had that happened to me when I was younger and that sucked but darn those kids for forcing me to retreat to my room in order to use my computer. I would have gladly opened the door and given the kids my unwanted original flavored corn-nuts but kids are vicious nowadays and I didn't want them to trash my door cause I had no candy.

So similar to the fact that I didn't do crap for Halloween last year I didn't do anything for the actual day here in Taiwan since it was on a Monday. I didn't think people would actually celebrate it on Monday since people have to work or go to school. Did the kids go trick-or-treating on a Sunday or a Monday night? Well I celebrated on Saturday with some old fashion clubbing. Now that is similar to college Halloweens. I actually totally forgot it was Halloween and didn't even think about dressing up. Honestly I wouldn't even have bothered. Not a big fan of this holiday or I'm just super duper lazy. I think after you get to old to go trick-or-treating then it's not as fast. It becomes a competition of whose the sexiest, the sluttiest, the hottest, etc etc when it use to be about who could get the most candy. What a bad exchange, spending a lot of money to look sexy instead of spending nothing to get candy.

Well the best thing about going out on Saturday night was that I was able to eat some Mexican food! I was so glad to be able to eat something besides Chinese food. We ate at the Taco House in downtown Hsinchu.

taco house
menu has english!!
my order
I ordered two hard-shelled tacos, nachos, and mashed potatoes. The tacos tasted like the ones you get from Jack in the Box, 2 for $0.99. I actually love the Jack in the Box tacos so I loved these but at $75 NT for 2, the deal from Jack in the Box is better. The soft-shell tacos are more like the traditional tacos but also more pricey. The nachos used nacho cheese sauce which I loved! I love nachos with the fake cheese rather than the real cheese so this was also an awesome find. The most disappointing was the mashed potatoes if you could even call it that. It tasted like they just added water to a mashed potato mixture. One of my friends tried it and said it was alright. She has obviously never had creamy, buttery mashed potatoes from America! I would definitely come back here again, if I can find it...

While downtown I saw a parade. As usual I have no clue what they are celebrating. I feel like there is always some celebration or other going on during the weekends.

decked out floats
Saw a whole bunch of these and a lot of children everywhere. It was such a big affair but there wasn't a big holiday that weekend so I have no clue what the celebration is for.

Met some cool Americans that works for an English school in Hsinchu. I loved their costumes.

bender and leela
His Bender costume even opened up! We hit up P.L.U.R again and this time the music was good again! No more clubbing at P.L.U.R for a month. :( They are moving to a different location and won't open again till December.

The Details
Taco House
No. 13, Ln 2, Sammin Road., Hsinchu City
tel: (03) 5338050
M-F 11:30-22:00, Sat 11:30-21:00 (never heard of a place that closes earlier on a Saturday)
Bus Line #1 stops directly in front of this place