Monday, November 14, 2011

hsinchu city glass museum

Sunday, after checking out Neiwan, I was able to explore more of Hsinchu County. Most times when I'm downtown and given a ride home I pass by this castle thing. I never knew what it was but it's located near a pretty little lake. Well this time we actually got to stop and check it out.

a fancy castle clock
Right in front of this castle was an awesome metal Cinderella carriage.

cinderella carriage sculpture
The Hsinchu City Glass Museum wasn't very big and didn't allow any pictures to be taken. No clue why I went and checked out this Glass Museum and had no interest in checking out the Glass Museum in Murano, Italy where glass making is famous. The pieces themselves weren't very interesting besides a handful of them. The most interesting thing was reading the English and Chinese names for the pieces and seeing if they matched each other. We would see a piece that was called Vase in English but then had a 6 character Chinese name so obviously it wasn't translated fully. Then there were names with the words kraken or metamorphosis and it was cool discussing what those words were in Chinese. Was able to take one picture all illegally while in the museum...

a glass prison
Grabbed some lunch to eat at our next location. Went to a "famous" place known for its steamed heimao baos. Again who knows how famous places really are in Taiwan. Seems like every other stall is famous for something or other.

famous heimao bao place
history behind the heimao baos
The history behind the heimao bao. Heimao actually means black cat. Lol maybe that is the reason for the black cat symbol on the banner. Why would they call beautiful guys and girls heimao? Seems more of an insult than anything.

heimao bao
The heimao bao was super delicious. The meat was tender and was so juicy. Wished we had ordered more than one for lunch.

To go with the bao we grabbed some pearl milk tea from Ching Shin which is a drink shop chain where I got my winter melon with lemon tea previously. Never knew they sold milk tea. Theirs was good and sugary. More expensive at $40 NT but also in a bigger cup.

pearl milk tea
The Details
Hsinchu City Glass Museum
No.2, Sec.1, Dongda Road, Hsinchu City
Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00
Ticket Price $20 NT

Heimao Bao Place
At the corner of Beimen and Minfu St. in downtown Hsinchu
1 bao = $20 NT


  1. What kind of meat is in that black cat bao you're eating?