Monday, November 28, 2011

postage stamps ------> bucket list

So in one of the English learning magazines that my students use I saw an ad about Taiwan travel stamps. I was super excited to purchase them because not only did they give me an idea about what I should be visiting but also to send with my postcards to America.

taiwan travel stamps
They sell them in denominations of $5 and $3.50 NT. I don't get why people would use boring stamps if the pretty looking ones are the same price. The locations of these stamps have become a small bucket list of places I want to see in Taiwan. I bought a sheet of $5 and a sheet of $3.50. I didn't think each sheet had two sets so now an abundance of postage stamps. I plan to use the $3.50 set as embellishments in my scrapbooking and travel album. The $5 will going to peoples soon :P

Starting from the top left hand corner...
1. The National Palace Museum
2. The Taipei 101
3. Sun Moon Lake
4. Yushan (The Jade Mountain)
5. Alishan

The second row starting from the left...
6. Love River in Kaohsiung
7. Kenting
8. The Liushidan Mountain
9. The Taroko National Park
10. Jiufen

For descriptions of the locations in the stamps check out the Taiwan Postal Office website.

I'm gonna cross off the places I've been to as I visit them. So sad that I've only been to one of the places mentioned on this list. Hopefully I'll be able to hit up all these locations during my stay in Taiwan. Really doubtful about me visiting those mountains....


  1. Where are the other ones? Send me some! super cute the last one you sent!

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