Wednesday, November 16, 2011

sprucing it up!!

Finally had the chance to do a little scrapping while in Taiwan. The director of my school gave me a mini calender planner. Well free stuff are usually pretty tacky because of the advertisements all over it so I decided to spruce it up with some of my scrapbooking supplies.

ugly calender
in the process
My lovely sister had bought me several rolls of washi tape while she was in Japan. Washi is a type of paper and in its tape form its thin and super easy to just rip and stick. The advantage is that if you misplace it you can easily pull it up again. Washi tape is really in right now amongst paper crafters. You can achieve the same look with adhesive ribbon or other kinds of decorated tape.  

end result
Ended up sticking random stickers and tabs on the front to make it more interesting. The washi tape is so thin that parts of the old cover is still visible through the tape. I liked that look or I could have added several layers of tape to mask it. Now you guys can re-purpose those tacky advertisement notebooks and binders and use them instead of throwing it away!

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