Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a taiwanese halloween

Right after Kaohsiung, my sister left to go back to the Netherlands. Honestly it was good to see my sister again but I was relieved to finally have my apartment back to myself. :P So I know Halloween already passed but I still gotta blog about it. Chad had a brilliant idea to make candied apples! He brought apples to a seller of those candied strawberries I've had before and created an Asian version of the candy apples we have in America.

candied apple
The candy apple was delicious. This apple was super sweet, too much of the red sugar and not enough of the apple. I felt cavities popping up as I was biting into it. Still I was happy to have a candied apple to celebrate this holiday.

So at our school to celebrate Halloween we held mini parties in our classrooms. There was also one day where kids were told to wear costumes and they would go to different game stations manned by the English teachers. I was in charge of the Ring Toss with the cones wrapped in paper to look like witch's hat. I was wearing my cheap effort of a costume with my hat and cape but all the bending down to pick up the rings were making me sweat.

my student wei-wei at the witch's hat ring toss
Here are some of my little kid's costumes. They were all so adorable looking.

1. Eric who's dressed in a decorated garbage bag with a cardboard sword. I love how the Chinese teachers drew all over his face with a face paint marker!
2. Anderson in his little dragon head gear and cape. So cutee and I love dragons!
3. Eden in his Darth Vader costume with a light saber! In class he kept trying to vanquish me with his light saber...
4. Ant, yes that's really his name!, in his little Batman costume. This one is constantly slapping me on the butt.. I hope that doesn't indicate his future path....
5. Sophy in her cute little witch's costume.
6. Justin in his mask, that we colored in class, and a garbage bag thrown over his head. I think he was a zombie ghost... I'm not sure how the garbage bag fits into all of this if he wasn't a ghost.

I was surprised at how many costumes were made with garbage bags. A lot of the garbage bags were decorated so go parents for throwing together some last minute costumes. Haha.

So one of my TAs was in this really creepy mask and cape costume that totally freaked out my earlier classes when he walked by our classroom window. So I thought it would be hilarious if he switched off my lights, yes my light switch is outside my classroom and yes I think it's weird, and then walked into the classroom and freak my students out. So when this happened and he came in I pretended to be super scared thinking my students would freak out. Well some of the bigger boys grabbed their reading books and started hitting him with it. Haha I started laughing so hard and the boys just continued to hit him even when he told them to stop. I finally paused in my laughter long enough to call my kids off. Later I asked if any of my kids were scared and some of them were like yes a little in the beginning until the other kids started hitting him and then it just became super funny for them. I think it would have worked better with my earlier classes since the students were younger in age. The kids then started saying I was so bad to be scared and being a baby. I tried to tell them I was pretending but they didn't believe me. Haha. Kiddies.

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  1. AHAHHAHAHAHAH! It reminds me of one episode of Scare Tactics when these people pick up a hitchhiker who pretends he's gonna kill them and one of the guys starts beating the crap out of him and the person who set him up was like screaming for him to stop. lol.