Friday, December 9, 2011

fisherman's wharf in tamsui

The only destination in Tamsui that was too far away to walk to was the Fisherman's Wharf. The bus cost $15 NT one way and you can use the MRT Easy Card. The whole place was very picturesque with a nice view of the sea. The biggest attraction here is the Lover's Bridge

lover's bridge
The shape of the bridge is suppose to symbolize the image of a sailing boat. I don't really see it. The whole point of the bridge is to connect the facilities on both sides of the water. There is a whole bunch of food stalls, cafes, and trinket stores once you cross the bridge. This is the only place I've found a Taiwan picture frame. Not one of those cheap small flimsy rubber frames but a metal frame that can hold 4x6 photos. Not sure why but souvenir picture frames are super hard to find in Asia.

view from the bridge
floating docks
There is a ferry stop here also but didn't have the chance to take it. Another attraction here is the Mounted Police that patrol on horseback. They are here on holidays between 9-11am and between 3-5pm. Afterwards we headed to try some of the local specialties. The first thing I tried was A-Gei which is deep-fried tofu that has been stuffed with flavored crystal noodles. It is also served with a scoop of spicy sauce and a scoop of broth.We actually got to try this dish at one of the original A-Gei restaurants located on the right hand side of Zhenli St. if you are walking uphill, this is the road you take to reach Tamsui Custom Officer's Residence.

a-gei old shop sign
The sign was on the road in the morning but I guess they had put it away since it was getting dark. There was a lot of people in the dining area so you know it's a popular place!

a-gei in the making
an inner look at the a-gei
The A-gei was delicious and only cost $35 NT. I'm not a big fan of tofu but even I took a couple bites out of the tofu here. The noodles were yummy and flavored and the sauce was spicy only if you ate it in large amounts. The next to be tried is simply known as a shrimp roll. Got it at a random stall on Tamsui Old Street. Tamsui Old Street is basically a long street that is just filled with shops, very touristy. I didn't even notice anything very old about it but that might be because of all the name brand shops crammed everywhere. Also a great place to pick up souvenirs.

shrimp roll stall
The shrimp roll consists of minced shrimp and pork that has been seasoned and then rolled into a dumpling skin that is then fried. There were buckets containing different sauces you could brush over your shrimp rolls. Three shrimp rolls on a stick for $20 NT at this stall.

shrimp roll with sweet chili sauce
Yummy! Too bad I was still super full from lunch and couldn't eat more than one. Other Tamsui food specialties that I didn't get to try include iron eggs, fish balls, fish crisps, and sour plum drink.

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