Sunday, December 25, 2011

it's christmas caroling time!

I love Christmas because it meant I got a break from school and also because my name is most popular during this time! Carolers going caroling with some awesome Christmas carols. Haha, totally had to do that. Times like these I really miss being a student and those long vacation days. Last year I was stuck in San Diego by myself while everyone went home to celebrate the holidays with their family. Thanks a lot sucky sucky adult life and job responsibilities. Today is Christmas and I probably won't be doing much just like last year. Christmas in Taiwan means no holiday off for me! So since I won't be doing anything exciting for Christmas, I'll reflect on Christmas pasts.

When we were younger my mom played along with our demand of celebrating Christmas by hanging ornaments on a fake palm frond and filled our stockings with Asian candies and jello. Since I saw my mom put presents under the tree, I never believed Santa Claus existed since there wasn't any additional presents or coal in our stockings. I'm sure for my mom is was all pretty strange, never having celebrated this holiday before. Presents were actually pretty laughable, stuff I know for sure kids nowadays would throw tantrums over. I wasn't unhappy about the crappy presents since it was the excitement of celebrating Christmas that was the most fun. In my family, including all the cousins and such, I'm sure my family was really the first ones to even bother doing anything special for this day. I am the first person in my family to be born in America, hence why none of my relatives celebrated it. As we grew older decorations stopped being hung, and the palm frond became a mahjong table where presents were placed under. Super Asian! Presents under the table were from my siblings, our friends or from us to our parents while our parents gave us red envelopes filled with money.
As I went to college, Christmas became less of a family holiday and more as a time for me to travel. The last time I celebrated Christmas with my family was back in 2007. I know I know how awful but Christmas for my family was never such a big deal. Especially since all my siblings would be traveling themselves. I think now as we get older and start appreciating the things we have, we miss hanging out with our family more.

No holiday break means no more traveling for me. Who knows when I will get another chance to spend Christmas in another country again?? Even if I did get a holiday break, would I travel during this busy and expensive season? Probably not....

Even though Christmas was uneventful this year, I'm happy that I was able video chat with my family for a couple of hours. Nice to see my family gathered around the fake Christmas tree with presents stacked high underneath. There were even stockings hanging from the fireplace! I hope everyone else is having an awesome Christmas with their family and friends!

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