Sunday, December 11, 2011

lunch in taipei

Taipei two weekends in a row! I love this city and how there's always something to do and explore. We were on a tight schedule so just grabbed lunch at the Breeze Center. Bread from Milkhouses and pearl milk tea.

garlic toast
strawberry meringue
Ended up buying the garlic toast instead of the garlic bread this time around since it's smaller so easier to carry. I bought 3 since there was a deal. Just as delicious as the garlic bread loaves! Also bought 4 meringues, 3 lemon and 1 strawberry just to try it out. The lemon ones were delicious as last time but the strawberry flavor was chalky and not as delightful as the lemon one. Total for my order came out to be $150 NT!

milkhouses bread selection
 more milkhouses bread
I love how bakeries work in Asia where you can just select whatever you want and everything is nicely arranged. However I do wish they were in cases to protect from bugs... In the Breeze Center food court was a Hanlin Teahouse, one of the two shops which claims to be the inventor of pearl milk tea. The original pearl milk tea sold at this teahouse used white tapioca balls like the ones we find in sago, which has the appearance of pearls, hence the name "pearl" milk tea. Grabbed a drink at the express station instead of heading into the restaurant.

hanlin teahouse located in breeze center
milk tea with jumbo tapioca pearls
This pearl milk tea was actually very disappointing. We asked for normal sugar but it didn't taste sweet at all. Too much tea and not enough milk. Maybe their original store in Tainan or their other locations would serve better ones. At $50 NT for a small cup I probably will not try this store again. So pricy. Grabbed another pearl milk at Tea Ten's Tea to make a comparison. Love food courts, so many options!

tea ren tea located in the breeze center
black milk tea with pearls
This drink was better than the one from Hanlin Teahouse but at $50 NT, I would rather stick with Coco's which is bigger and cheaper. I did notice that both these drink places offered milk tea made with different kinds of tea than the usual black tea. I might have to see what other kinds of tea make a better milk tea than black. I was tempted to order the almond milk tea when I saw it on the menu but almond milk tea in Taiwan is usually just almond milk and that stuff is gross.

The Details
Hanlin Teahouse website: (Chinese only)
Tea Ren Tea website:

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  1. Dude, Carol. All you're having is milk tea. That's all I'm seeing in every effing post.