Saturday, December 3, 2011

no electricity = no internet = ohhh no

So I wake up today and realized I had no electricity. One of my coworkers who lives near me said that she wasn't going to have electricity today but I thought that was just for her apartment. I know they didn't leave a note on my door telling me about the power shutdown in my apartment. I'm not sure if one of the notices in the lobby was informing us this information but that's one of the downsides of living in a country where I can't read anything. I was finally forced to leave my room to seek a power outlet to charge my phone. Lol. Well the highways in my apartment complex have no windows so it was pitch black and I had to walk down five flights of stairs. I was more scared that in the darkness I might get attacked by cockroaches. Our front door is electrically locked and I was smart enough to think about this by propping the door open before I left. A couple in an apartment nearby didn't have the same luck and couldn't get back into their apartment. Apparently the whole area had their power turned off and it must have been serious! Even the 7-11's had no power and you know it's big when the 7-11's get affected. No worries they were still open for business. I can't think of anything that would prevent a 7-11 from conducting business.

Street after street was filled with shops that weren't open. It was super freaky like I was in an abandoned town. I've never heard of turning off the power to an entire area before.

street after street of closed shops
I had to walk pretty far to find a 7-11 that had electricity and an open outlet for me to charge my phone and camera battery. A lot of stores have outdoor outlets that I could have stolen electricity from but I didn't want to be super awkward standing in front of a closed shop stealing their electricity. If you only have one camera battery, I suggest you carry your charger with you to charge the battery at 7-11s.

See the darkened 7-11? Dark but still in business. I wonder what happened to all the refrigerated food? Do you also notice that the stoplights are outside out of order? At this intersection it barely matters since I see scooters go when it's green or red.

The electricity finally came back on at 5pm. I was so grateful to be able to go online! Glad it wasn't turned off till a later time. I'm not sure why they turn off the electricity during the day instead of during the wee morning hours...

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