Friday, December 9, 2011

taipei main station

The Taipei Main Station is the connection point for buses, the HSR, the MRT and trains. I've always only been at this station because of the MRT or to catch a bus back to Hsinchu. When I was with my sister, we discovered an underground mall that was seriously disappointing. Well this station actually contains and leads to a whole bunch of malls. You can literally walk from mall to mall located in different areas of Taipei City and never have to walk outside. I spotted a stamp store, Micia Crafts, in the underground alleyway right before the entrance to one of the malls, Q Square. I'm always excited to see a craft store, especially if it contains scrapbooking products, and since I haven't been able to visit any yet while in Taiwan I had to browse around. It has a huge selection of stamps and ink pads and a small selection of paper trimmers and punches but not much of interest if you're not a stamper.

In another mall called the Breeze Center, I found an awesome bakery called Milkhouses. Apparently it is a chain store although I've only been to the Breeze Center location. They have an actual store on the food court level but they also have an express station on the first floor. What initially caught my eye was the garlic bread which cost $ 35 NT apiece. Then I saw what looked suspiciously like meringue on sticks so I bought one to confirm.

garlic bread
The garlic bread was super delicious. So garlicky! In America the only places I can recall getting garlic bread is either from restaurants or from the supermarket which you then have to heat up. I never saw any in bakeries before. The express location of Milkhouses was having a sale any 3 breads for $100 so I ending up buying two more pieces of garlic bread.

lemon meringue
I strongly recommend the lemon meringue if you have a sweet tooth. So sweet with a nice burst of lemon flavoring. Apparently meringues are fat free since any presence of fat will cause the egg whites to collapse. Interesting too bad this is filled with sugar or it would be a delicious healthy snack. Each meringue cost $28 NT and I believe if you buy 4 it costs $100 NT. Other flavors include strawberry, sesame and chocolate.

The Details
Micia Crafts website:  (chinese only)
Milkhouses website:  (chinese only)

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