Sunday, January 1, 2012

arts and crafts

So went exploring in downtown Hsinchu to find some scrapbooking supplies. There is an art store in downtown Hsinchu that is a couple minutes walk from the East Gate roundabout.

art store
There is much scrapbooking supplies inside but they have some basics like cutters, copic markers, stamps and different sheets of colored paper. As it is an art store there is a variety of arts and crafts stuff, nothing specifically for scrapbooking but things scrappers can use for their pages. Didn't take a picture of the inside because the store is very small and there were a bunch of people inside it.

A place where you can find actual scrapbooking supplies but is pretty pricy is at the Eslite Bookstore. Eslite is one of the largest bookstore chains so there are stores in most of the major cities. Downtown Hsinchu has a branch where you can find some scrapping supplies. I was most interested in the fact that they carry MT masking tape (washi tape).

washi tape
mt masking tape
The set of two MT masking tape costs $155 NT which comes to $5 USD. Prices vary depending on design and number but all around $80-$300 NT. Not sure if this is cheaper than what the Kinokuniya Bookstore in America is selling it for. The only other place I've seen MT masking tape. I know there are actual scrapbooking stores in Taipei and I will try to track them down just to see what they have to offer and what I can get while I'm overseas.

The Details
Art Store
Directions: From the East Gate circle, roundabout, head down ZhongZheng St. Go pass Mo's Burgers and then make a left onto ZhongYang St. Stay on the right hand side of the street and go straight through the intersection of Datong and ZhongYang. You will see the store located between two green electrical boxes.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'll be walking over there later today!
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