Friday, January 27, 2012

christmas lunch and sukiyaki

My school held a Christmas lunch for all the staff members in the first weekend of January. It was held again at the Lakeshore Hotel but this time every staff member was invited not just the foreign teachers. Everyone in attendance wrote their names down and there was a raffle for prizes, every person gets one entry and every person wins once. I managed to sneak my name into the drawing three times and every time one of my co-teachers who was the MC pulled my extra entries out he just crumpled it. I won a tea-set from Hong Kong that still had the price sticker on it... Most of the prizes were really shitty and now I got why some staff members opted out of the drawing. Saved themselves the embarrassment of having to act super happy about the shitty present they just got. Lunch was buffet style and again like last time the food looked and sounded better than it tasted... I ate a whole bunch of bread and butter. After the lunch I went with my friend Cody to downtown Hsinchu where we had dinner with her friends. None of them spoke that much English so it was fun to have Cody translate what each other was saying. Had a really great time and was introduced to sukiyaki which is a Japanese dish that consists of cooking meat and veggies in a shallow pot in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and mirin and then dipping the cooked ingredients into a bowl of raw beaten egg. I didn't think you could eat raw egg so I was laughing as I dipped my food into the raw egg and saying how it was suppose to be bad for your health to eat eggs raw. I didn't think it would be delicious with the raw egg and all but it was surprisingly so!

This place was an all you could eat place at dinner time (17:00-2:00) for $399 NT and includes a 10% service charge. Waiters would walk around pushing a cart filled with different vegetables that you could add to your meal in addition to the trays of meat you ordered. If you had a party of four they also added a hot pot to your meal at no extra charge, but we largely ignored it unless it was to drink the broth.

The place was called Sukiyaki and is somewhere in downtown Hsinchu. Since I was just following the others I can't recall where it was located but the restaurant itself is very posh and done in all this black marble with glass doors. I thought we were heading into a hotel lobby. I would recommend sukiyaki to anyone whose never eaten it before, a delicious experience and the company made it so much better. Love meeting new people!

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