Sunday, January 1, 2012

snack attack!

Time to introduce more snacks I've found in Asia!

choco pie
A friend introduced me to these and they are freaking amazing! We have them in America and it's not a Taiwanese product but rather a Korean one. These remind me of a healthier version of marshmallow pinwheels. I've introduced a couple of people to those marshmallow pinwheels which is super sweet and as you bite into it you can feel it's bad for you. Well the Choco Pie has all the deliciousness of marshmallow and chocolate without feeling too sweet, a great balance.

soda flavored hi-chew
What flavor is soda flavor? Doesn't sodas themselves have flavors like orange, grape, cola, etc or is this carbonated water flavor? I don't like this flavor at all. I can't even describe how it tastes like. Almost like a mixture of bumble-gum after its been chewed for awhile with a hint of fizzyness for the soda part of it. Ugh. Don't waste your money on this!

sour straws
Basically these are just the Asian version of Sour Straws back in America. Each bag costs $20 NT so less than a dollar which I guess is the equivalent to the price of candy back in the States. Apple flavor rocks, the cola flavor not so much.


  1. Hey, I've had those Choco Pies before. They're not that great...

  2. I agree with unknown. Choco Pies suck and I'm sure they're no healthier than pinwheels.