Monday, February 27, 2012

finally some dim sum!!

I've been craving Cantonese food like mad. Cantonese food is the food I'm most use to and typically what I eat most. So coming here to Taiwan just to discover that not only is their cuisine not like what I eat at home but Cantonese eateries aren't popular here was such a bummer. So weird since Hong Kong is only a couple hours away by plane... What restaurants that do exist are also pretty pricey. A couple weeks ago I went with Eamon to grab some dim sum. We arrived at some dim sum place in Hsinchu, have no clue what the address is but it is near the 1 bus line.

They had ran out of a lot of things because at this point it was already 2pm, way past yum cha time. I didn't really care as long as they had my favorite: spare ribs! Eamon had no clue what I was talking about with yum cha and I'm not sure if it exists in Taiwan. This was the second time Eamon has had dim sum - so sad! It is always so weird for me when people tell me they've never had dim sum. Back in SF everyone has had dim sum. I've introduced quite a people back in San Diego to it and they all really love it, cause come on how can hate it?!?

The menu was super limited and they had a bunch of weird things that I've never seen in a Cantonese restaurant. Too bad those people couldn't speak Cantonese it would have been nice to finally order myself instead of just sitting there idly with this blank look on my face.

Is it just me but is paying almost $3 USD ($80 TWD) for each dish pretty pricy?!? Back home I never know how much each dish costs since they just stamp your paper and I never go eat dim sum with just two people. Also each steamer basket only contained three instead of the usual four.... Frustrating. I only ordered the stuff I know and like, super minimal and I was still hungry afterwards...

har gow or shrimp dumpling
cha siu bao or canto bbq pork bun
paigu or spare ribs
first time i've ever seen these - rice wrapped around meat ball
free sago dessert
The dim sum was ok, it's got nothing on what we have in SF. I ordered two baskets of spare ribs because I told Eamon I wasn't going to share and if he wanted some we better get two baskets. Even after that I really wanted to just eat his also... The sago dessert I was actually very happy with because whenever we go to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Sunset (our fallback resto) they always serve red or green bean desserts and I'm always yearning for this white one. I believe it might be coconut but can't be sure. The rice ball thing wasn't good - had a funky taste to it. They had ran out of cheung fan or rice noodle rolls which was a bummer. I usually base on how good the restaurants are by the texture of the cheung fan noodle skin. It was nice to finally eat dim sum again but for the price (a couple hundred NT) I expect something better.


  1. The rice covered meatball thing shows up in our school lunches! Everyone kept telling me it was a Chinese dish and I was like, you're lying, I've never seen this before. Maybe it's a Taiwan thing?

  2. Jumbo is our "go to" not our fallback.