Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i'm almost middle aged...

So today I turn 24. First I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes, especially the people back home who wished me happy birthday without relying on Facebook to tell them. Since Taiwan is ahead of America, people actually had to know it was my birthday before FB reminded them. Nice to know people haven't forgotten about me. Also I dread being older....

So what did I do for my birthday?? Nothing. I went to work and now I'm at home writing a blog post about my birthday. For the past couple of years I haven't really done anything big for my birthday except Vegas for my 22nd and that is because my birthday usually happens during midterms. To even get people to all go to dinner was difficult, let alone having a big shindig for it. Also I'm not much of a planner so dinner is usually what happens. Well with everyone I know getting out at 9:30pm, I wasn't expecting anything to happen. I did make my kids sing me Happy Birthday so there is that. Haha. Well I was working with one of my kids when my head teacher and fellow friend said we needed to talk. He had heard that kids were saying that I swore in front of them in class... I was bitching up a storm I was like WTF I never do, I swear but not in front of them, and I was all ready to launch into a tirade when I entered his classroom. Then I see the other English teachers there and I'm like really there's a meeting going on about my behavior!?!? WTF!!! Then I see the birthday cake. Good one, they got me and I was so relieved. Everyone else was laughing because they had heard me launching into my rant about my ungrateful students who lied about me.

My birthday cake was a mousse cake, the mousse flavor looked like cookies and creme, with strawberries and chocolate. Pretty and yummy. I haven't eaten a birthday cake on my birthday for awhile. We discontinued birthday cakes in our family because everyone wanted to stay skinny. I didn't want to get stuck eating more than half the cake so we stopped since it would be wasteful just to eat one or two slices.

The cake was given to me by my manager, along with a little present. Their niceness makes me feel guilty because I've been offered an extension of my contract but I'm kinda leaning towards refusing it. I don't hate my job and I'm always constantly talking about how easy and stuff I have it here compared to what I had to deal with in America but I can feel that if I stay here longer, the little things will start to bug me. Right now I still have 7 months left in my contract and who knows how I feel about my job then. Also I really want to work in other countries and not just stay in Taiwan. Sure I like Taiwan and everyone here is super nice and friendly but I can't see myself living here permanently or for an extended period of time. The thing that makes me worried is that if I reject their offer, how long will it take me before I can find another job?? It's harder for me since I am Asian and a lot of jobs won't hire me because of that. I also don't want to stay in America for a long time because it will give my parents more time to pressure me into going back to school. I don't look forward to sitting at home and doing nothing while my friends are all at work or in graduate school. I really thought that by the time I was 24 I would have life figured out and know what kind of path I want to take. *Sigh what do you guys think? Should I renew my contract and stay in Taiwan longer or should I take my chances and try to find another job later on down the road. The bummer about this is that no one looks for English teachers so far in advance so if I want to find a job I will need to start looking in June or July. Another option is staying in Taiwan and working for another school. The problem is that they won't start hiring until later. Decisions, decisions, decisions....

I'm gonna leave this post on a brighter note by recounting some adorable stories of my kids.... So at my school age doesn't factor into the equation of what class you're placed into, it's based on your English ability. This works and doesn't work at the same time. So in a beginner class you could have a 13 year old and a 6 year old, learning the same stuff and taking the same tests. I wonder who will have the advantage here?? Anyways in one of my level 2 classes, A34, a boy was repeating all the words I was saying and so I said "Good-bye Pretty Teacher" and he said it and goes "NOOO!" when he realized what he said and ran away. Later on another student is leaving and he goes "Good-bye pretty teacher!" without me coercing him to! So touched!

In my beginner classes which usually has a whole bunch of 2nd-3rd graders they love to say "Teacher so bad & Teacher so crazy!" Well one time I go "Teacher so fat?" and a girl says "No Teacher so tall and thin!" and a boy next to her goes "so cute!" and a boy further down goes "so pretty!" You can imagine with all those compliments I was literally in heaven and gushing all over them. It is such a rare moment when they will even speak to me nicely but to say nice things about me was unheard of. I guess those are the moments that help all the teachers get through the crappy micro-management and red tape the schools like to make us go through. Too bad the nice treatment didn't last long, they reverted to their "teacher so bad" saying too soon for my liking.


  1. lol omg. this is such a cute post! :)

    besides you going crazy over what to do :( im applying like crazy for lots of admin jobs and law office stuff, but we'll see what happens...

  2. goddammit. i have no idea why, for the longest time, i couldnt comment with my wordpress -___- so i resorted to blogger...lol

  3. It's nice that they got you a cake and took the time to fool you. =]