Saturday, February 18, 2012

kaohsiung - cijin, lantern festival, and liuhe

Cijin District Part Deux...Caught the ferry over but this time the line was so much longer. If I thought weekends were crowded, it was nothing compared to the holiday crowd. As like everywhere else in Taiwan,  a lot of the streets were taken over by the Chinese New Year markets. Besides walking around and eating seafood we didn't visit any of the tourist spots around the island. I brought everyone to the same restaurant my sister and I went to last time because I knew there was an English menu and the food I had last time was amazing. This time not so much... I blame the hordes of people for the lack of quality in the food served to us.

steamed shrimp... we wanted stir fried ones...
clams... delicious as always!
cabbage because they ran out of water spinach
small ass crabs
I think the only dish that wasn't a complete disappointment was the clams. We wanted stir-fried shrimp which is what I had last time and tasted amazing. The steamed ones were blah and the dipping sauce for it wasn't good. We ordered the cabbage to just get some veggies in us and to help make things flow easier. They were out of water spinach, the best veggie here, and I'm sad I couldn't introduce that to Erica and Phil. The crabs were super expensive, I believe two for almost $1000 NT. This wasn't the kind of crab that had a meaty body but the kind where people just slurp up the innards. Disappointing since none of us are those intestine appreciators, we wanted meat and it was not delivered! The meal was super expensive, I forgot how much but it was a lot probably around $1400 or so. Ugh totally not worth it. Note to self don't eat seafood at Cijin District during the holidays when the crowds are ridiculous and the quality of food goes way down. At least the food was fresh and you could taste that in the sweetness of the seafood.

After walking around the market areas and checking out the beach, we headed back to the ferry. The line for the ferry to go back to Kaohsiung winded all the way down the island near the base of the Cijin Lighthouse. If you've been to the island you'll know how far down that is. To pass the time we played some games like listing capitals of countries and shoe brand names. I lost quickly in both. Now if it was scrapbooking companies and products I would have OWNED! We managed to grab some shaved snow outside the Gushan Ferry Terminal, it was decent but nothing extraordinary.

We wanted to get mango or the strawberry one but they ran out of them both so we got the mix fruit. The mix fruit included tomatoes...Gross. $50 NT for four makes it a pretty good deal. We played word games over dessert and continued playing them as we headed to our next destination, the Love River where the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival of 2012 was being held.

Since it was the first day of the Lantern Festival all we really saw were the lanterns made by students and the vendors set around the lantern area. I believe all the lanterns above were made by students! Pretty amazing considering kids made them. A lot of the lanterns were eco-friendly having been made out of recycled bottles or cans. As if we didn't do enough walking today I was still hungry and we decided to head over to the Liuhe Night Market. Nothing at the market really stood out to me but did buy some nasty stale tasting popcorn chicken and what looks to be an Asian burrito.

This cost $80 NT and was ok but nothing amazing. I think there was a sweetish soy sauce or something in here that make it taste kind of weird. Also managed to buy some pineapple that were ok, Erica's choice of asian pear or apples were way better. I guess I wasn't as interested in the Liuhe Night Market this time around because I already tried most of their famous things and this market is small. Phil did get his first taste of stinky tofu and he LOVED it! Haha not at all. Took a lot of photos documenting his face change and disgust. To read about my prior visits to Cijin Island and the Liuhe Night Market click here and here respectively.

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  1. Ahhh! Is that a lantern shaped like Totoro in a Confucius costume?? If it isn't, that's what I'm going to persist in believing it is. =D