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kaohsiung - pier 2

After rushing back home from Pingxi we knew we had to wake up super early to head down to Kaohsiung the next morning. However that didn't deter any of us from staying up super late watching tv shows and surfing the web. No one even brought up the fact that we needed to wake up early the next morning and probably should go to sleep early. Love that about us! We took the HSR down to Kaohsiung which cost $1200 NT, you can use your credit card just make sure you know the pin number for your credit card. Chance met us up at the HSR and we took the HSR to the Central Park station which had a really unique design on the outside and actually lead out to a beautiful park.

I'm not sure if the grass is fake or not but those flowers definitely are. The water feature between the escalators was pretty cool too. MRT exits usually aren't so aesthetically pleasing so I was going "oooohh" and "aaaaaaahhhhh" and "ooooohhhhhh" and "ahhhhhhhhhh" a lot.

scenic lake - that's its actual name

The park outside the MRT exit was huge and had a lake with funky cool rock-n-roll statutes. It was so sunny in Kaohsiung! A complete 360 from the weather we were having in Hsinchu. Taiwan weather-wise is really reminiscent of California with crappy cold weather in San Francisco (Hsinchu) and nice warm weather in Los Angeles (Kaohsiung). After we dropped off all our stuff at Chance's apartment we went to get boba drinks, of course. Phil still hadn't stopped bitching about Yes Tea's Oero Milk Tea drink and he won't for the rest of the time that he is in Taiwan. We ordered drinks at 50 Lan which is also a drink store chain that a lot of people love and rave about but I still prefer Cocos. I don't know why but when I ordered drinks from 50 Lan with my sister we weren't asked as many questions as these people asked. In addition to asking about amount of sugar and ice, they also ask what size drink, what size pearls, and real or fake milk. That is a whole load of questions just for a drink... I don't like 50 Lan because they don't make the drinks as sweet as I want them even when I ask for normal sugar. I ordered pearl milk tea with small and big tapioca balls but the small tapioca balls were super small, like the size of seeds so it was unsettling to drink. I miss America where small equals huge.

Afterwards we walked and walked and walked and walked. Chance really likes to walk as we unfortunately found out throughout the day. I have a vague recollection of riding the MRT while in Kaohsiung but most of the time it was just walking around. Chance would just be like oh well the next MRT station is just a couple of minutes away we can just walk to it and then when we got there it would be like actually the place we need to go is just a couple more minutes away so we can just walk there and on and on it went. As anyone knows I really hate exercise but since I've been in Taiwan I've done a lot of walking so I'm not as averse to it as I was before. However keep in mind this was walking for miles in hot, humid weather while I was wearing a sweater, jeans, and leggings! Sweat - it was everywhere. The MRT in Kaohsiung is pretty nice because not that many people ride on it and it is in fact not making enough money to cover its expenses but I don't like how the MRT exits are very far from tourist locations so you still have to walk quite a bit. Since we were hanging out with a local I didn't keep track of what stations we were getting on and off and we walked to a lot of places so this post won't have as much information on the transportation front.

After walking down the length of the Love River and seeing everyone setting up for the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival we ended up at the Pier 2 Art Center. I feel like we must have ridden the MRT to get here but in my sweat soaked mind it seems like we walked all the way there, especially since I can't find pictures of us on the MRT in between shots of the Love River and Pier 2. Phil usually takes a million photos of everything but I deleted them and am too lazy to check up on it. Pier 2 Art Center is located in the Kaohsiung harbor and use to be a warehouse. We didn't really check out the art center but the area around it, called the Yencheng Passenger Wharf, which is now full of sculptures, statues, and decorated buildings. If you're artistic this is definitely a place for you to check out especially since there are a whole bunch of different art galleria and museums also located in the area. A great place to stroll with your family, friends, or lovers and there is also a whole bunch of bike paths if you wanna get physical.

The first thing we saw was this enormous metal tree sculpture that was pretty amazing. I would have stayed and admired this piece but after all the walking and sweating I was just on the look out for some shade, there really wasn't any being that everything was open spaced and what not. To the left of this giant sculpture was an exhibition called the Arbitat hosted by the Kaohsiung International Container Arts Festival. Basically all these international artists built their ideas of the home regardless of time and space and placed it all within cargo containers. We only checked out one cargo container that had a whole bunch of small models. I really just wanted to go in because this cargo container was sitting on top of another, the shade was also a nice relief.

None of us were really interested in checking out the other containers so we continued on our way, turning right at the big giant tree sculpture. I know we didn't even see a tenth of what this area has to offer so I'm really interesting in exploring this area more thoroughly and seeing all the different installations they have. 


So amazing to see bumblebee! If only it could transform into a car and back again. Walking along this path you'll start to see the old abandoned train tracks. We stumbled upon this handcar that was sitting on the old train tracks, too bad it didn't work. The weird thing was that Phil had mentioned wanting to be on a handcar and I guess pump the handle up and down. I have no idea why he was talking about handcars but since we found one we had to take a picture on it.

Continuing on our way we'll end up at where the old Kaohsiung Train Station use to be. This neighborhood is called Hamasen and was a land reclamation area during the Japanese colonial era. The area developed rapidly due to the fact that road, railway, and shipping transportation routes connected here. The train tracks are still there and the area has been turned into a park where people fly kites and ride their bikes. Some of the abandoned tracks are filled in with flowers and would be a great place to have a picnic.

It was so hot that after all that walking, someone's arms were literally glistening with moisture!! So disgusting! Haha. Next stop Cijin District...

The Details
Pier 2 Art Center - Yencheng Passenger Wharf
Kaohsiung MRT orange line Yanchengpu Station (O2 station) exit 1. Walk south for five minutes along Dayong Road

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