Sunday, February 19, 2012

lotus lake: where we'll walk till our legs fall off...

Phil is a mosquito magnet. I always see mosquitoes flying towards him. So it was just my luck that Erica had the foresight to call dibs on the couch at Chance's apartment. Now I was rooming with the mosquito attractor and there was a mosquito in our room. Does anyone else hate the sound of bugs flying near your ear in the dark?? We managed to kill that mosquito but apparently there was another one lurking in the background. Good thing Phil's blood is so delicious because I manage to escape without any bites. Haha. I remember when I first arrived in Taiwan I got bit so much and now I hardly get any. Chance was telling us how he gets a lot of bugs in his apartment especially because of his kitchen. He even gets geckos! I would not be able to handle geckos or any big bugs. Once again I'm thankful I didn't get an apartment with a kitchen because I would not be able to just go to sleep and let the geckos roam which is apparently Chance's method of dealing with the critters. Ugh shivers!! So anyways after a blissful night's sleep with a buzzing mosquito, Chance brought us around his neighborhood to grab lunch or rather breakfast, our first meal of the day.

left to right: chinese chives, cabbage, and spicy dumpling
korean style spicy guotie (potsticker)
Each dumpling or potsticker cost $5-6 NT and we ordered 56 altogether! My favorite dumpling was the cabbage which also had pork meat, it went great with the soy sauce and chili paste. The spicy dumplings were just the dumpling version of the korean style potstickers. These weren't as great as the spicy dumplings I've had before. After that we went to get more milk tea cause Phil wanted some. Phil has drank milk tea almost every single day he's been here, sometimes two or three times a day (or in a hour). He drinks them super fast. We would be drinking our milk teas and literally after two sips, you would see Phil's cup is empty. He can drain half the cup with one looooooong sip. Crazy. We rode the MRT but I have no idea where we got off since we were just blindly following Chance around. I understand now why Brendon had us take a taxi to Lotus Lake since it is far from the MRT exit and also because you have to walk quite awhile along the lake in order to reach the most touristy thing. It is such a long walk that we opted to take a taxi back to the MRT station rather than walk it again. Let me just say that the taxis don't charge the additional 30% for Chinese New Year and their base minimal starts off at $80 NT. WTF is the minimal in Hsinchu $120 NT?? Even Taipei is cheaper... BS!

This area of the lake isn't as populated so it was quiet and serene.The building in the distance is the Confucius Temple. Most of the halls were closed off and peeking through the windows I saw what looked to be classrooms. The buildings that had their doors opened were blocked off so I guess visitors could just take a peek but not touch. I just saw altars topped with wooden tablets dedicated to Confucius' ancestors.

Erica didn't check out the temple with us because she wasn't feeling so well so she just took a nap outside. We attempted to do some jumping shots but none of them came out perfectly. Most of them involved me jumping awesomely and then having them ruined by Phil or Chance. Chance won't be jumping in any of the jumping shots because of an accident that occurred the night before. We had to make a 7-11 run for water because Chance's apartment isn't hooked up with a filtered water dispenser. I cringe thinking about how much money he needs to spend on water. So while on this little trip, Erica, Phil and Chance were running to the 7-11. I have no idea why they were running but I know I wasn't going to. Later on I see that they've stopped and here I am thinking that they stopped to wait for me but that wasn't the case at all. Apparently Chance had pulled something while he was running and was now limping. Phil walked like a pirate wench, especially with his jeans rolled up. I need those pictures Erica! We basically checked out all the temples, pagodas, and pavilions located around the lake. However I didn't post a picture of the North-pole Pavilion when I went with my sister so here it is.

This is the statue of the North-pole Hsuen-tien Sharn-ti god and is placed on top of the North-pole Pavillion. The statue is 24 meters in height and according to their information packet is the tallest god statue over water in southeast Asia.

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. We make awesome presenters don't we? Again there was a huge holiday crowd. A piece of advice: instead of climbing up the steps of the Dragon Pagoda, go up the Tiger Pagoda. Most tourists climb up the Dragon Pagoda since it is the first one and won't bother climbing up the tiger one. The view is excellent and we were basically alone the whole time allowing us to get some awesome photos without unwanted tourists in them. I even saw that the highest level of the pagoda, which isn't opened to visitors, held an altar that I hadn't noticed before. Chance didn't know about the North Gate so I once again took up my role as tour guide and showed them the gate and part of the wall. Perfect time for some more jumping shots or just posing for Chance.

Sucks that Chance hurt his leg. This photo would have been perfect if he was jumping too. You can see he made an effort by doing a mini hop. A for effort! I'll be blogging about the rest of the day in my next post but just wanted to end this one by stating that Phil and I are high maintenance. Not high maintenance in the actual sense of the word but in the way that both of us consume the most time on the trip. There were many times where we would have to wait for Phil to do something either taking pictures of strangers or of little kids (more on that later), or talking to a salesperson who did not get the hint to stop, or even just putting on his shoes. There were even more times where they had to wait for me to collect all my stamps, to take pictures and to hit up every information booth to grab brochures. While I was trying to think of a way to write this I was thinking man Erica is so chill we never have to wait for her. Then it hit me! Of course when we were shopping! We waited awhile with Erica to try on shoes. So I guess in our own ways we all have our things we gotta do that everyone else must sit through but what made this trip awesome was that we all took it in stride and just made jokes and laughed about it. Yay for awesome friends! To check out the other monuments around the lake that I didn't post pictures of please check out my previous post about this place here.

The Details
Kaohsiung Confucius Temple
400, Lian Tan Road
Free Admission

North-Pole Pavillion
No. 169-1 Lian Tan Road, Zuoying District
tel: 07-585-6961
Free Admission

In order to get to Lotus Lake you can take the MRT to the Zuoying Station and walk 30 minutes or exit the station and take the Bus No. 31 or Red-51.


  1. I always had geckos in my room. It was strange when they didn't make any noise at night. lol. Free pet and you don't need to take care of it.

  2. Geckos eat insects, including mosquitoes!