Monday, February 20, 2012

rueifong night market

Before we headed back to Hsinchu we had to visit the Ruifeng Night Market. While the Liuhe Night Market is touted as the tourist night market for Kaohsiung the Ruifeng one is definitely a better venue. The market is situated in what appears to be an empty lot instead of on streets and there is a huge variety of food, clothes and games found here. At the Liuhe Night Market there was really only food stalls and it covered only a couple of blocks. We got there relatively early so the makeshift lanes between the stalls were mostly empty. Later on it got super crowded and since it was all small makeshift lanes we couldn't avoid the crowd by just walking out into the street or into store fronts to get some respite from all the pushing. I recommend going a little earlier just to escape the crowds and it was cool seeing the vendors set up their stalls. Right at the entrance of the market Chance bought these deep fried balls of what I assume is sweet potato since that is what it tasted like.

I'm not a huge fan of fried dough so this was just meh to me. However the slightly sweet taste of the sweet potato left you wanting more. A couple of stalls down Phil finally got to buy the braised pork rice he was whining about. This is probably his 5th bowl of fatty pork he's had since hes been here.

I bought some candy from this vendor that sold by the weight. There was a lot of interesting candies in the mix and some of them were pretty familiar...

Those Mentos are meant only to be sold in Indonesia...flavors included Rasa Cola (no idea what Rasa means but it just tasted like cola), Rasa Lemon Soda, and Rasa Strobers Soda (wtf is strobers?). The sour candy is reminescent of War Heads but the sour powder on them didn't last long. The Sweet Drop in the upper left corner taste like Milkfuls if anyone has ever heard of those. Best thing about this stall was that they let us sample some of the candy before buying it. I love samples!! I bought some more popcorn chicken but they weren't as good as the one near my house. I gotta say with me buying popcorn chicken from all the night market vendors around Taiwan, I do not recommend it. It just taste as flavorful or as fresh. The ones that have actual stores selling popcorn chicken seem to do it much better. Also because I haven't learned my lesson, I bought some more green mangos. They didn't allow you to sample them and they are still expensive $100-$200 NT for a measly bag. I haven't had any good ones after the initial times I've tried them. They are probably going out of season but I just can't resist buying them when I see them. 

Now moving on to the games. Phil loves them and doesn't mind spending money on them so it is fun to watch him do it. First up ring toss game and I believe he did manage to win one drink. Phil or Erica correct me if I'm wrong on this.

Phil is a pretty good shot and managed to hit all the balloons. I think you only get a big prize if you paid to shoot all 10 balloons rather than just 5. He might have gotten a small prize but I have forgotten. The game in the bottom picture consists of you trying to catch fish with a paper net. He caught two fishies and gave them to a random little kid in the market. Can you see Phil using fish to lure little kids to his side? Unfortunately that image comes too easily to mind. Phil likes taking pictures of cute kids. He took a lot of them while on this trip. Sad to say there were a lot of kids he didn't deem good enough for him to bother. Sorry kiddies you're better off! Phil also likes taking pictures of random strangers, of random crap, of garbage, of anything really. The ones I hate in particular are the unflattering pictures of me or the ones that are really close up to my face. Bleugh! There are also a lot of pictures with us covering our face, why we didn't just punch him to stop alludes me.

The last buy of the night for me was this place that sold seasoned crab. There were a couple of these vendors so I just chose whatever was closest to me. They sold them in increments of $100 or $200 NT. You could choose claws or the body. I went with claws because I would get more bang for my buck and I believe the claws usually have more meat in them.

The meat was delicious! So wonderfully seasoned with garlic. The flavor reminds me of the crabs we would eat in Cantonese restaurants. This is the type of crab the restaurant in Cijin should be serving, where the body and claws actually have meat in them. I don't know if its just me but I feel like the night markets in Kaohsiung are pretty expensive. Most items go for $80-$100 NT and I have to plop down at least $200 NT to feel full. A bowl of noodles or rice at a small restaurant would be cheaper. Later that night we headed back to the HSR where Phil bought some french fries from McDonalds. We eat here way to much. Anyways I asked them for salt and I'm guessing salt packets in this country is a novel idea because I have never seen them. Instead we get this....

We had one box of fries. She gave us half a cup of salt... Well this about wraps it up for Phil and Erica's visit. Sad to see it has taken a month to write it up. I can honestly say this was one of the best trips I had with friends, everyone was just so chill. Both Erica and Phil are people I consider my close friends and we don't talk everyday or even frequently but when we get together it feels like nothing has changed and I could talk to them about anything. I'm lucky to say that most of my friends fall into this category which is nice since I know nothing will change between us when I finally go back home. To sum up this trip I will list what we usually talked about: constipation, taking deuces, Phil's obsession with children, ripping people a new one, Phil and I threatening to sexually assault one another while Erica stood by with her iphone and Chance tried to avoid us, our obsession with eating, our frequent usage of the word "like", etc etc etc. I was just relieved to finally make sexual innuendos that people got right off the bat without me having to explain them. Where is the fun in that? Also finally people who play deuces correctly! The Taiwan version is wack and the Americans here don't even recognize a flush. WTF?!? Also it was nice to play deuces with people from nor-cal because I've been playing Pusoy in so-cal and it's not the same. Thanks Erica and Phil for coming to visit me! :D

The Details
Ruifeng Night Market
Take the MRT to Kaohsiung Arena Station Exit 1, then walk straight for 5 minutes and you've arrived


  1. How on earth do Americans not know what a flush is? They play poker!

  2. Get me some Sweet Drops. And an ornament that depicts something Taiwanesey.