Tuesday, February 7, 2012

taipei in pics

Hit up all the memorials and tourist spots in Taiwan. First up Liberty Square for jumping pics, then to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall where a bunch of pretty lanterns were strung up. Lastly checked out Longshan Temple where two giant lanterns were placed in the courtyard for Chinese New Year. We walked under the Dragon Lantern to receive a blessing. Too lazy to actually post much details about this day. Not pictured here all the crazy shopping we did in Shilin. Chatted up a shoe salesman about his future work in Australia. Love that my friends are here so I finally have someone to go shopping with. About time I was in desperate need of some new clothing :D It was a great New Year!

none of the jumping pics worked out... this was the best
the best jumping one had the ugliest faces...
the person who took this pic for us was american and ppls wanted to take pics with her cause of her foreigner look
the star of the taipei lantern festival
under the eves of sun yat-sen memorial hall
dragon lantern at longshan temple
that old lady cut me to get her blessing - bad karma

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