Sunday, March 25, 2012

hunger games - the movie

I almost passed out on the bus today. I don't know what it is about me and buses but there have been many incidents where I almost fainted or actually did faint on the bus. I don't think I should drink any more pearl milk teas on an empty stomach. The cold drink makes my stomach hurt. Also the bus was getting super crowded and the lack of air flow was making me super nauseous and sweaty. I had to rush off the bus because I was seriously afraid I was going to hurl or collapse. As I was getting off the bus and trying to head over to the bus stop seat, my legs buckled under me and I semi collapsed on the sidewalk. No worries I got up readily enough and I just made it seem as if I slipped on the floor. Right... I had to sit there for awhile to cool down and to stop feeling so faint.

After all that I still went downtown. I've been debating on whether or not I should go watch Hunger Games by myself. I've never watched a movie by myself before and going by myself seems to give off such a lonely, pathetic attitude. Well after the whole almost fainting on the bus thing I was like screw it I deserve this movie to make myself feel better. I assume people pick their seats but since I spoke English, the ticket lady just gave me a seat. I was seated between a couple and a family. Nice loner isolation!

The movie was really good. I really liked the books and the movie didn't disappoint. I think it helps that the author of the books also wrote the screenplay for the movie. The movie cost $260 NT which is almost the cost of a movie in America. It's nice to know that movies come out in Taiwan the same time it does in the US. I finally found the market area with the alleys and alleys of clothing stalls. My friends had taken me there awhile back but I couldn't find it again on my own. Too bad I didn't find it sooner to bring my sis or Erica. I do a lot of wandering around since I'm too scared to enter the stalls by myself. I know that most salespeople in Taiwan would just acknowledge you and then leave you alone but if I'm the only person and the stall is as big as a closet its kind of hard to ignore me...


  1. Take vitamin supplements!

  2. Maybe you're anemic, too. I feel like that when I don't get enough iron. Eat more beef! XD