Saturday, April 21, 2012

b-b-b-bucket list

Ugh while I was looking up places I needed to see in Taiwan I realized I wasted all those holidays. Those would have been perfect time to go check out the outlying islands of Taiwan. Now there aren't any holidays until October. So I either have to do a rushed trip on the weekend or wait until my contract ends before I check them out. Doubt I'm gonna take more unpaid vacation days off to check out these places.

1. The National Palace Museum
2. Taipei 101
3. Sun Moon Lake
4. Yushan (The Jade Mountain)
5. Alishan
6. Love River in Kaohsiung
7. Kenting
8. The Liushidan Mountain
9. Taroko National Park
10. Jiufen
11. Penghu Islands
12. Hotsprings in Wulai or Yangmingshan
13. Tainan
14. Lukang
15. Sansia for the Pigs of God Contest (bummer I missed this it happened on Jan. 28th)
16. Lantern Festival in Pingxi
17. Green Island
18. Orchid Island
19. Fire and Water in Guanzihling

It seems like I hardly made a dent into my list. Doesn't help that every time I cross something off I add two or more places.

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