Monday, April 30, 2012

it's official!

It's official I'll be back in the states in October! My contract ends at the end of September but I plan to stay a little longer to travel. As some of you might know the owner asked me to extend my contract for another year. I put off replying her for as long as I possibly could because the decision to stay or to leave was pretty difficult for me to make. I started to worry about getting future employment and if said employment would turn out to be bad or super hard in comparison. A lot of teachers complain about how shitty my school is and how hard it is to work for them but I think our jobs are pretty cushy, especially at the campus I work at. Not to say there aren't times where I just wanna cuss up a storm or bang my head against a wall but all in all it's pretty decent. Also I was feeling pretty guilty because while I was leaning on going home I was getting told by my head teacher that both he and my manager really wanted me to stay.

After thinking about it for a long looooooong time I realized that I probably have nothing to fear. Worst comes to worst I end up leeching off my parents until I can leech off the government. Haha! I kid... I've been in some crappy situations before and I'm sure I can adapt to whatever is thrown my way I just needa make sure I get another job first. So Korea? Japan? Hong Kong? Where to next?

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  1. wow, i'm so glad to hear that you're going to come home for a bit! i'm looking forward to seeing you in october!! i vote for hk next! i love it there. if only i didn't have any attachments here...i would leave for hk in a heartbeat.