Sunday, July 15, 2012

microwavable meals

During my last year in San Diego I was constantly eating those one dollar microwavable meals. After avoiding those meals for years cause the pictures on the box didn't even look remotely appealing, I succumbed. I initially bought them because I was working as an intern at a medical office that didn't really have anywhere close by to eat and I wasn't down to spend so much money everyday for a meal. Then because I also had two other jobs and was basically working 60 hour weeks I didn't have time to make a meal or the energy to go out and eat so I just bought those one dollar meals in huge quantities and ate them whenever I was hungry. The meals were surprisingly OK tasting except for the huge quantities of salt they used (no complaints here since I love salt) but everyone was saying that it was so unhealthy for me. No matter how delicious those meals were, they have nothing on the microwavable meals that can be found in the convenience stores in Taiwan. The microwavable meals here are more like packaged meals that you just happened to need a microwave to heat up and not actually flash frozen and meant to last a year in the freezer.

So before I gained the confidence to go out and actually eat at restaurants by myself and before I actually learned enough Chinese to order some food I resorted to eating these microwavable meals. The meals here are pretty delicious and sell for just $2 USD! Some of my friends think that I've been eating amazing meals everyday but the harsh reality is that with work, my lack of Chinese skills and general laziness, I don't really get the chance to eat as much good things as I could.
chicken potatoes rice curry!
cheese, rice, chicken and peppers!
rice, tofu and pork covered in sauce
pasta with bacon - alfredo sauce?
noodles with mushroom and chicken
These are just some of the meals I've had over the past year but they were all pretty delicious and I've eaten most of them more than once. They tend to just go for alfredo sauce for all the noodles but that is better than constantly eating lunch boxes at school. I'll do a separate post about what I eat for dinner another time. I usually ate the above meals during the weekends if I was staying at home and was too lazy to actually get dressed up to go to a restaurant. I love how convenient convenience stores are! There are two a couple minutes walk from my house and all convenience stores are open 24 hours! I really wish America had more of these. The only 7-11's I know back home are so far away from each other and they look super shady and dirty. No clue if they are opened 24 hours but they definitely cannot compare to the ones that can be found in Taiwan.

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  1. Definitely agree, convenience stores in America just can't compare. There are so many more in Asia with better tasting food and not half as shady as the ones here.