Sunday, July 29, 2012

taiwan dinner boxes

Taiwan is known for it's food and their famous night markets so its no surprise that people assume I'm gorging myself on amazing and delicious food every day. The sad truth is that because work doesn't usually end until 9:20 pm that the majority of us have dinner delivered to us. Our school is located in a small town and isn't close to any restaurants which limits what we can eat. Most often the meals ordered are dinner boxes or bowl of noodles that are mass produced and affordable to the students. When I say mass produced I mean there are "restaurants" that specialize in making dinner/lunch boxes and they always have long lines. So here are some examples of the food I've eaten in the months I've been here.
All these dinners cost around $2-3 USD and these are generous sized portions for the price. I can't imagine ordering a full meal for anything less than $5 USD in America. In the beginning they were pretty yummy then imagine ordering the same boxes day after day and it grew tiring fast. Sometimes I would eat the same dinner box two or more times a week and that itself is nauseating. (I know real first world problems here) Nowadays if I can I'll try to find alternatives besides ordering take out. The children would get the same size portions as the adults and they always finish it. I don't know how they manage to stay so skinny if they are eating meals meant for adults. I usually don't finish mine and I get crap from people for wasting food. I try to give it to students to finish or something but these meals aren't something that I would save for the next day. What do you think? Does it look delicious and appealing?


  1. These remind me of the bento boxes in Japan, only they look more delicious and are probably ten times cheaper. I'm so sick of Japanese food by now - I always try to eat foreign food whenever I go out. I feel like there's more variety in Taiwan. And of course, you can get full just drinking milk tea!! I miss it so badly! I found some milk tea places, but the portions are SO small and I have to pay like 300 yen. It's such a rip-off and the quality isn't even great.

    I wish I had a big kitchen so I could cook more. I'm sick of eating out but I hate cooking in my dingy kitchen with my small fridge that I can't even put a lot of leftovers in. When I go home, I'm going to cook ALL the time.

  2. I can think of worse things to eat for dinner for $3...