Thursday, August 2, 2012

convenience store finds: fruit milk!

So today I didn't have to go to work because of Typhoon Saola releasing massive rain and storms upon Taiwan. This is the third typhoon day I've witnessed since I've been here and for my area this is probably the worst. My first one happened last year and we still had to go to work, only the schools were closed. During that one nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The second one, work was only closed in Hsinchu during the afternoon, people who worked mornings still had to go in. This most recent typhoon day was declared yesterday night. Every time a storm brews the fellow teachers and I always wish for a typhoon day so that we could get paid for not working. In Hsinchu, we don't suffer much from typhoons and usually nothing big happens except a lot of rain and wind. I forget that huge storms like this can cause death and disaster for the rest of the country with landslides and floods. So I should stop wishing for typhoon days because that's basically wishing to ruin some people's livelihoods... It's such an eye-opener to live in a country where storms can shut down the entire country and weather conditions can actually affect businesses especially compared to California where weather is relatively stable and I've never been excused from work or school cause of inclement weather.

I've been trying to drink soy milk lately because occasionally I remember that I need more calcium in me and that if I don't drink as much as I can before I turn 28 I'll stop absorbing it. So on my frequent trips to the various convenience stores I always notice the fruit flavored milk that are next to the soy milks. I don't go to supermarkets much back in the states but is fruit milk a popular item or even sold back at home? I was wondering if they would taste disgusting since in my head milk and fruit don't really mix - totally forgetting such a thing as smoothies. Duh! Anyways I went around trying all the different flavors that I could see and this post is the accumulation of that.
Watermelon milk is really delicious and actually one I would buy again not just because I'm trying to be adventurous. It tastes like watermelon and soy milk and is a good combo of sweet watermelon and smooth milk.
Melon milk but from the picture it might be specifically cantaloupe. This one was also pretty good. Not sure if anyone knows about Melona the honeydew flavored creamsicle but I use to eat one of those creamsicles everyday after school back in middle school. Thanks local Korean Market for introducing me to the awesomeness of those popsicles. Anyways this milk basically tastes like the melted version of a Melona in a carton.
Strawberry milk tastes like strawberries that have been blended together with milk. Pretty good and has a slight milk color to then milk. I wonder if these flavored milk also have calcium in them and the same nutrients??
Banana milk has a strong taste of banana. The initial sip was interesting because of the strength of the banana. The taste is so strong that I immediately thought this must be using artificial banana flavoring because the flavor is so similar to those fruit shaped candies that you get from candy machines at the mall. If you just drink it in a continuous slurp the strong flavoring disappears and then its just milk with the taste of banana in it. Nice tasting but when I stopped and took a sip again the taste was again disorienting.
Apple milk was weird. I did not like it. It reminded me of the time back when I was younger and I ordered a Green Apple Milk Tea because I use to love Green Apple boba drinks and I also loved milk tea so why not try them combined. That turned out to be a disaster of sour apple mixed with sweet milk. Blegh. This apple milk wasn't as bad as all that but I didn't like the sweetish sour taste it left in my mouth.
Ugh this juice milk was the worst! I couldn't even finish it and I was so glad it came in a small carton so I didn't feel bad for wasting it. The juice in this milk comes from bananas, strawberries and oranges if I'm to believe the pictures on the carton. The milk had a slight green tinge to it and I think what made this undrinkable was the orange. Acidity and milk do not mix well even though in the beginning I could actually taste fruit mixed with milk. I couldn't discern the individual fruits but continual drinking left a gross taste in my mouth. There are still two milks I haven't tried yet a papaya and taro flavored one. Since I've had papaya milk at that famous Kaohsiung night market I don't foresee any problems with it but the taro one seems iffy. I'll update this when I get my hands on those two.


  1. Two things...
    1. Fire week???
    2. Fruit flavored milk?? WTF... does not sound good. Good for you for trying new things, I'm not as open :)

  2. The fruit flavored milk sounds good to me. I generally don't like the taste of milk and can only drink soy milk and I love fruit flavored stuff. Wish they had that here for me to try.