Sunday, August 19, 2012

ktv till our voices die out!!

Today we went to a KTV for four hours - how Taiwanese! Haha. I'm feeling more and more like a local doing things locals do. The KTV we went to was awesome and was actually similar to the KTV places I see in Asian dramas rather than the dingy dirty places I've gone to before. This one was high tech with a large flat screen tv embedded into the wall. An unlimited food buffet was also included in the price! Eating and singing karaoke goes hand in hand. Loved it!

There was hot and cold food and then a whole another area that included just desserts.
only one plate of many: curry, pepper chicken and a dose of veggies!
mint ice cream and chocolate covered marshmallows
Recently, a bunch of the Asian staff have left the Erchong campus which has been super sad and so we've been doing a lot of hangouts together to say goodbye and just to keep in touch. I can't believe I have a little over a month left before my contract is over. It's so weird but I've gotten sooo close to my coworkers just recently and so now that I've found my niche it sucks that I have to leave. Wish I hadn't wasted my time earlier on in the year and that these coworker friends of mine had started working earlier so that I could have met them sooner! Of course it helps that most of my friends will have stopped working at my school so at least I choose a good time to go :P
gonna miss these guys so much!!
Usually at these KTV parties I'm pretty much just there to be an audience member since I don't sing Chinese songs and don't want to sing English songs by myself. This time however I did sing some songs - super badly. Haha Sam and I drove people out of the room several times. Hilarious. I think our friends know now not to let the foreigners sing. I suck at most songs since I only know the chorus and the rest I'm just like ehhh but we paid tribute to the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. :D While we were at the KTV a fight actually broke out in the hallway between two groups of guests. The KTV employees just stood nearby and didn't do anything to stop them. I guess it wasn't a fight but more of a shouting match. All the participants looked like they were in high school. Haha. After all the shouting they just went back to their respective rooms - what a let down. At first when I heard that we were going to singing KTV for four hours I was thinking that was way too long but with all the eating and fist pumping and singing backup, the time passed really fast. Four hours of karaoke, unlimited buffet access and specially ordered foods delivered to our room only cost $360 NT per person. God what a steal! I'm gonna miss such cheap entertainment when I go back to America. :(

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