Sunday, September 2, 2012

a new favorite!!!

I'm obsessed with boba drinks or as they are called here pearl milk teas. I remember back in college I would spend $20+ a month buying them from the local boba store. Any occasion was a boba drinking occasion. Need a break from studying? Lets grab boba! Meeting up a friend? Let's get boba! Bored and nothing to do?? Let's walk, talk and get some boba! So coming to the country that invented this awesome drink was a chance for me to drink pearl milk tea every day. You think that for a $1 USD a cup and drink stands everywhere that I would be guzzling these nonstop throughout the day. I guess it being so accessible has made the boba drink lose its hold on me. Also because they really only have one flavor pearl milk tea. Any changes in flavor comes from changing teas like oolong and green. They don't have my beloved almond milk tea (guess that's an American invention) so its more motivation for me not to guzzle down those high caloric drinks everyday. However after a particularly hot day at work, and our office was ordering boba drinks to be DELIVERED to us, I discovered the awesomeness of ice cream black tea. Interesting fact: in Chinese black tea is actually called red tea because the name is based on the color of the tea after its been brewed while black tea is named after the color of the tea leaves after oxidation. I love the delivery service here where anything McDonald's to pearl milk tea stores can bring it right to your doorstep - if you order over a certain amount and all without paying an additional fee! People are warning me about reverse culture shock when I get back home and I can already imagine the horrors of having to tip people for lackluster service and having to walk down super dark streets with my keys in my hands - gotta be ready to stab muggers in the eyes with it.
I've had the chance to try the ice cream black tea from two popular drink store chains 50 Lan and Ching Shin Fu Chuan. I definately prefer the 50 Lan version more and lately it has been my drink of choice. I haven't had a regular old pearl milk tea for a long time now. The Ching Shin version had a sesame taste that wasn't bad but made me pause and think hmm odd flavor every now and then. At both these chains the ice cream black tea cost $45 NT for a large cup. You still get asked about the amount of ice and sugar syrup you want in each cup. There are different flavors of ice cream tea in that you can ask for different teas to be used - 50 Lan also does an ice cream milk tea that costs $50 NT. 50 Lan also offers mango ice cream while at Ching Shin the ice cream black tea wasn't an option on their menu but can still be made. To me this reminds me of an Asian version of the ice cream float and I hope I'll be able to find it in the States when I get back. That or make my own...


  1. At least you can get your fix of pearl milk in HK before coming home. Slowly wean yourself that's all I can recommend. Super culture shock when I came home but going to HK between Thailand and SF helped that's for sure. But it might be different for you since you live in a larger town than I did in Thailand!!

  2. There's a place in Irvine that does ice cream milk teas. They also have other non traditional flavors. In the week that Yvo & Eddos visited, we went twice.