Thursday, May 2, 2013

all night long!

ending our night as the sun rises
This week is Golden Week in Japan which contains a bunch of different public holidays. Dates to celebrate the emperor's birthday or to commemorate the deaths of other emperors. Unlike most people in Japan, my work let us have the whole week off while the general public only got the Monday, Friday and following Monday off. In Taiwan when we had public holidays I knew what we were celebrating because they are the same ones we celebrated in my family and even though I technically didn't celebrate it with family or anything - at least I could still acknowledge it. Here in Japan I have no clue what holidays are what. It will be interesting to see which ones are similar to Chinese, if any of them are. Since we finally had some time, my roomie and I thought it would be best to celebrate the start of Golden Week by going out! ABOUT TIME TOO!

We ended up at a British pub where I got my first real chance of seeing the expat community in action. Back in Taiwan I never really hung out with other foreigners besides my co-workers and even that was really minimal because expat communities tend to revolve around bars, which I'm not a fan of. So the night started with being chatted up by other Americans and watching old ass men hitting on and flirting with my roomie. I think because I don't drink it was such a fascination for people at the bar - like why are you here if you don't kind of thing. Because of that I got a ton of beers cause people kept trying to push them on me which I then passed on to my roomie and our friend. Guy hitting on my friends you know who to thank for saving money on drinks. There was a lot of cool conversation and some not so cool slimy encounters. People would just randomly sit at our tables and strike up a conversation so that was awesome unless they were of the creepy variety. What was most weird for me was to see all these Japanese girls being chatted up by the expat guys. For hours we watched this one girl with this super creepy dude, who tried to creep on our table and failed, getting held, fingers fondled with and getting nuzzled. There was literally no conversation between them, just the girl standing there all silent and bored while the guy stroked her hand. We've been talking with the girl's friend this whole time and when the guy finally leaves we asked the girl's friend if the girl liked him and they were like no she doesn't. BUT SHE LET HIM FEEL UP ON HER AND SHIT FOR HOURS! It's like wow really so freaking mind boggling. It's really disgusting to watch. I never knew how local girls in Taiwan reacted to foreigner guys but I have a feeling it might be the same.

After chatting at the pub for hours we went dancing at what we thought was a club but turned out to be a bar with the dance floor being the space between tables. It has been so long since I've gone dancing that I was excited just to be able to do it again. Creepers galore. The guy I mentioned about was there! He asked me to dance and I acted like I couldn't hear him and danced away. Mwhaha. Skills. This is why I love gay clubbing so much more - cute guys that don't creep.

Some dude slapped my ass several times! One of the guys that was with us got up in his face! My booty almost started a fight. Its lethal :P hahaha. The other guy finally apologized. Stupid bitch needs to learn how to respect women. We finished clubbing around 5am. AN ALL NIGHTER OF CLUBBING. I love how bars/clubs open so late. So awesome compared to the lame 1/2am closing times of American clubs. After clubbing we got to eat at a four star hotel buffet courtesy of some new friends. Then walk of shame back home. Did I mention that I went clubbing in a t-shirt, jeans and sandals? Lol imagine me going to a club like that in America - wouldn't even make it pass the door. Free drinks and food the whole night! Perks of being a girl in Japan :P


  1. FINALLY!!! I'm so happy you're back to blogging :) been bored for the past 6 months waiting for new stories.

    I can't believe you're in Japan now, so awesome!

  2. Sounds like you're having a good time in Japan so far. :) Happy Golden Week!