Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Korea here I come!!

First thing we did after checking in our hostel was to grab some food! What else?!? We stayed at Bong House located in Daehangno which is a really cool area with lots of food and shopping. Also it's within walking distance of a lot of popular destinations and very convenient. We ate at Dakgalbi HaneulBornDak located on the main street right outside of Hyehwa Station.

This looks like a self barbeque setup but is actually stir fry and the waitresses would go around helping the customers cook the food. I kept having to remind myself not to lift my rice bowl to my mouth which is considered rude in Korea.

ha neul born dak 7000 won
This restaurant specializes in dak galbi which is stir-fried chicken marinated in chili pepper paste. The restaurant had a weird rule that stated we had to order at least two dishes. It was freaking delicious and we followed it up with some cheese bokkeum bap.

cheese bokkeum bap (fried rice topped with mozzarella cheese) - 3000 won

The Details
Getting from the airport to Seoul: Korea Tourism
We chose to go by AREX because it's a lot cheaper. I suggest just taking the commuter train which takes 10 minutes longer to reach the city but is almost half the price of the express. Purchase a one way ticket to Seoul Station. We purchased our end destination ticket for Hyehwa Station (which is more expensive) but then when we tried to use the one way ticket to enter the subway area in Seoul it didn't work and we had to purchase another ticket.

Stay: Bong House
The place is a little bit run down but it's in a great location, staff were friendly and customers get a free beer every night they stay there.

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