Monday, September 9, 2013

fruit picking: grape edition

I love going fruit picking especially since I don't really get the chance to do it that often while living in the city. One of my favorite fruits are grapes: especially black grapes. Unfortunately grapes here are so expensive as is every other fruit in Japan. A single bunch of grapes can cost 500-600 yen! Seriously wtf $5-$6 for grapes and not even bags and bags of grapes but just a couple of them! Man I miss Chinatown in SF where I could buy a bag of grapes weighing a pound or so for $1.

I chose Naganeyaman Vineyard because it was convenient to get to and because the vineyard provided us with mats, scissors, bowls and ice. Kyoho grapes are popular and they are of a slip-skin variety: meaning the skin just pops right off! I've never seen skin come off grapes so easily before.

my roomie Alanna and I with our 3rd or 4th bunch of grapes

The vineyard was so different from vineyards I see in movies. Instead of growing the grapes in rows they had the grapes growing in a canopy which made it hard for me to walk since I had to duck my head or risk hitting my head on the hanging grapes. The canopy provided a nice shade from the hot sun and all of the grapes were wrapped in white bags. It was so nice and relaxing to just sit there enjoying the scenery, eating grapes and talking. Between the both of us we ate around 10 bunches of grapes! Mwhahaha gotta get our moneys worth!

The Details
Naganeyaman Vineyard
Access: Take the JR Line to Obu Station (大府). From there a taxi will take you to the location in 5 minutes. Taxi will cost 900-1000 yen one way.
Price: 1400 yen for adults (200 yen discount by filling out this form here)

I highly recommend the Nagoya Calendar and Podcast for anyone who lives in the area and are looking for things to do!

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  1. Carol! I just checked out your blog. Japan looks awesome! I know the grapes are expensive, but it seems like so much fun to pick them yourself!

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Missing you here in the States. :)