Monday, September 23, 2013

kobe day 2: nankinmachi

The second day in Kobe was spent shopping and eating in Nankinmachi, Kobe's Chinatown. The area was developed by Chinese merchants who settled in the area after Kobe Port was opened to foreign trade. I have never seen so many red buildings in my life - quite a contrast to the brown of Japanese buildings. This Chinatown is pretty small being only a couple of blocks long but it was jam packed with restaurants and food stalls!

Unique Kit Kat flavors I found at a store in the covered arcade near Nankinmachi. Flavors include roasted green tea flavor (I didn't like them) and baked yatsuhashi, a souvenir sweet popular in Kyoto. Baked yatsuhashi tastes like a cinnamon cracker and this Kit Kat was delicious, I think even better than the original yatsuhashi. Next up was a zongzi, glutinous rice wrapped in a leaf. Seeing one reminded me of the ones my grandmother would make at home. Wasn't as good as my grandmothers of course but not bad. The last dish of the day was what I thought was shaved snow and I was so excited to get my hands on some but it turned out to be slices of mango covered in condensed milk. Sliced mango was a delightful surprise but all the condensed milk made it too sweet. Not pictured was a pearl milk tea drink that I ordered in Mandarin! The milk tea was not good, so disappointing, can't wait to go back to Taiwan to drink my weight in milk tea. So cool to know that actual Chinese speakers live in this area but dang my Chinese is so shitty that it was embarrassing to use. Might as well just let Alanna use her Japanese to get things done. 

that gate is way more impressive than the one back in SF

The Details
Access: 5 min walk south of Motomachi Station or a 10 min walk southwest of Sannomiya Station

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