Monday, November 4, 2013

cat cafe

Finally had a chance to visit a cat cafe in Japan! A cat cafe is a theme cafe where you pay an hourly fee to play with the cats that live in the cafe. I'm not a big fan of cats but something about paying to see them made me chase those cats down like I've never seen one in my life. Wish they had puppy cafes cause that would be awesome!

a grumpy puffball
cutest cat in the joint - rolled up in a carpet

there are brushes to brush the kitties with - what a life!
This place is popular, we had to wait 2 hours before we could enter! There was this cat obsessed family that was there. They stayed for so long and both the mom and dad were stalking every cat there trying to forcibly hold them. Their daughter went around to any cat that was out in the open trying to comb and brush it. She kept ruining all my photos and I literally had to race to compete with her to get any alone time with a cat before she came scampering into the picture. The parents were so obsessed with their own cat endeavors they let their child just run amok!

I had fun playing with the cats and acting like I was a cat lover but it was pretty pricey. Probably wouldn't do it again.

The Details
Cat St.
〒460-0008 Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Naka Ward, Sakae, 3 Chome9−10
tel; 052-242-2355
cost: 700 for the first 30 mins and then 500 for every additional 30 mins after that
includes free drinks (soda, tea, juice)

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