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There are two Disney parks in Japan, Disneyland and DisneySea, both located in Tokyo. Had no desire to see Disneyland because people told me its similar to the ones back in America. I'm not a huge Disney fanatic but I wanted to check out DisneySea because you can only find it in Japan. Tickets were decently priced at 6200 yen (tax included). Sure beats the almost $100 tickets in America.

First thing we saw when we entered the park was a huge line. I was thinking people were lining up to get fast pass tickets or to take pictures with a Disney character...

what's with the line??
Turns out all these people are lining up to take pictures in front of the statue. There were lines like that all over the park. On one hand its nice to have a picture with no one else in it but on the other who has the time to line up? Also makes it difficult to take a picture of just the statue or building with all these people posing in front of it....

Next thing we saw was more people waiting...

This was only just the beginning. The line of people stretched around the Mediterranean Harbor where a show was about to being - in two hours! If you want to be in a prime location to view any shows or such be prepared to wait 2-3 hours in advance because that's how early lines and groups started to form.

yup had to line up to get this photo
had "spicy" chicken curry in arabian coast (basically agrabah) - around 700 yen (not too expensive)
we are her little puppies - woof woof
Loved meeting Cruella de Vil in front of the Tower of Terror ride! How she addressed us and others waiting to take a photo was hilarious. Surprisingly there was no line and it was just a clusterfk to see who could grab her attention first. One of the things I like most about the park is the sheer amount of employees who are just standing around - so helpful when we need someone to take our picture.

a musical in English - seat assignments are given out lottery style in a different building
had to wait in another line - only one pic per person (they are VERY strict on this)
Don't expect to see any princesses in either Disneyland or DisneySea - they aren't the stars in Japan.

so happy to drop to our deaths :D we knew what was going to happen but we were still so scared!
 Favorite rides at the park include the Tower of Terror which we rode twice, still can't figure out how the statue disappears..., and Journey to the Center of the Earth. The newest attraction to the park is Toy Story Mania which 5 minutes into the park opening already had a wait time of 100+ minutes. The wait time for the ride throughout the day was 3 hours... Freaking insane! There are a lot of stories online about how people would wait 1-2 hours before the park opened at 8am just so they can run and grab fast passes for this ride. I've ridden this ride before in Florida so it wasn't such a big deal for me to miss it. The ride is fun but not 3 hours of waiting fun.

mermaid lagoon
The whole park was super beautiful. Just enjoyed staring at everything and soaking it all in. No cotton candy or hot dogs here - instead you have different flavors of popcorn and steamed buns! I tried two different flavors of popcorn: milk tea (found in Port Discovery) and curry (found in Arabian Coast). Both flavors were good but the curry one was my favorite.

Japanese people are super passionate about Disney. Education is super important in Japan but Disney trumps schools in that parents would have their kids miss school just so they can go to Disney on a weekday! Lucky lucky kids. Almost every single person in the park was wearing some sort of Disney merchandise or were dressed up in costumes. I felt weird because I wasn't wearing a single item of Disney stuff. Before shows and such there were announcements about removing hats and headbands because SO MANY PEOPLE WERE WEARING THEM - not just girls. I mentioned before that Disney princesses aren't so popular here - the most popular character here is Duffy. Yeah beats me I had never heard of this character before either - had to google it when my students mentioned it.

The Details
Access: JR Maihama Station
Wait time & Fast Pass Info: Tokyo Disney Time (android only)
Website not as accurate for wait times

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