Sunday, December 29, 2013

fam bam - a day in nara

During the New Year Holiday (shogatsu), my family came to visit me in Japan! Unlike America where New Years is all about partying and the count down - in Japan it's a family event so how appropriate that I got to spend this holiday with my family. Both my sisters got sick so they spent the whole day in the hotel while the healthy ones went to Nara.

As I will soon learn it will be very hard to get a good family photo because my brother has a knack for blinking right when the photo is taken....

Everyone loved feeding the deer. My brother wanted to take so many pictures with the deer but would get all scared and flinch away from them. Scaredy cat!

we look so alike - its freaky!
i recommend the sugar and the chili senbei - the chili one is super hot
Grabbed some freshly made senbei (rice crackers) from a stall located on the path to Tōdai-ji. Walked through the covered shopping arcade located near the train station until I saw Edogawa, a restaurant that specialized in unagi (eel) - my favorite Japanese meal!

great atmosphere with a decent price for unagi
unadon - grilled unagi on rice for 1890 yen
I shall end this post as I started it....

For more detailed information about Nara check out my previous posts here.

The Details
Nara Park
Access: Kintetsu Nara Station - Kintetsu Line (other lines also stop here like Hankyu, etc)
Take Exit 3 at the train station and walk up the hill for several minutes.

Tōdai-ji - Daibutsuden
hours: 8:00‒16:30(Nov. to Feb.) 8:00‒17:00(Mar.)7:30‒17:30(Apr. to Sept.) 7:30‒17:00(Oct.)
admission: 500 yen

43, Shimomikadocho, Nara-shi, Nara, 630
tel: 0742-20-4400
photos and menu
Access: From Kintetsu Nara Station Exit 3 head pass the fountain and take a right into the covered shopping arcade. Walk to the end of the shopping arcade and Edogawa is located on your left.


  1. you and yo bro look exactly the same

  2. What kind of photoshop did you use?

  3. woah, even our yellow teeth are the same!