Monday, December 2, 2013

leaf licking adventures: jakko-in temple

Leaf licking is what Alanna calls it when people go around taking pictures of leaves. Leaf licking is a very popular thing to do in Japan during the autumn season. I didn't get what the deal was about leaves because leaves are leaves but when I saw postcards of the leaves in Japan, I was like I NEED TO GO SEE THEM FOR MYSELF! Unlike San Francisco where the leaves stay green all year round, the ones in Japan are a myriad of colors. A very popular spot in the area to view autumn leaves is at Jakko-in Temple in Inuyama - recommended to me by a student. Jakko-in is famous for its maple leaves and they even have a maple leaf festival in November just so people can come and look at the leaves.

The leaves were beautiful. I really liked the contrast in color between the red, orange, yellow and green leaves. This temple also has some really good snow and cherry blossom scenes, can't wait to go back and check it out! The views along the Kiso River were also very picturesque and it was so relaxing to be able to walk around just taking pictures and marveling at the beautiful scenery.

Edit: Apparently Alanna calls it leaf LOOKING but I heard it as leaf licking...I've been calling it leaf licking ever since! Oh well too late to change it now. New term leaf licking - the hobby of chasing after leaves to take pictures of them :D

The Details
Jakko-in Temple
Access: Inuyamayuen - Meitetsu Line
From the train station its about a 20 minute walk to the temple. From the only train station exit head across the parking lot until you hit Kiso River. Facing Kiso River turn right and walk along the river (away from the bridge). There is a walking path adjacent to the river. The entrance to the temple is marked by stone lanterns (if you reach a tunnel then you have gone too far). From there you will end up walking uphill and then up a lot of stairs to reach the actual temple structures.
website (Japanese only - I just use google translate)

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