Thursday, August 15, 2013

penis park!

Alanna wanted to go to the beach while we were in Korea so we headed to Samcheok a city roughly 3.5 hours away from Seoul. The day we were leaving was a holiday, the Liberation Day of Korea from Japan rule, so there was a lot of traffic. What was suppose to be a 3.5 hour ride turned into 6-7 hours...  Samcheok is known for its beautiful beaches, awesome caves and a penis park, Haesindang Park.

There are around 50 phallic statues located in the park. There are different stories about the origin of the park but they all revolve around a maiden drowning in the ocean. After she died the nearby village started having problems, they weren't able to catch any fish. The villagers discovered that the spirit of the dead girl was driving away the fishes. One way or another they found out that the image of penises appeased the dead girls spirit and so built all these statues to keep her happy. A penis hungry ghost girl. Haha.

After the penis park we went down to one of the nearby beaches, Yonghwa Port. Unfortunately the police closed down the beach shortly after we arrived and everyone had to leave the water - never seen the likes of it before. While we were at the beach we found out that Koreans wear their clothing into the water. They might be wearing bathing suits but each and every one of them wore t-shirts and shorts over them! We didn't have a change of clothing and none of us wanted to be the only ones exposing our flesh in public so we didn't enter the water. I like how at Yonghwa Port the beach has food stalls right on the sand.

nothings better than eating an awesome meal on a beautiful beach!

look closer do you notice the clothed koreans??
samgyeopsal - fatty pork

yummy FREE side dishes
The Details
Bus from Seoul to Samcheok Schedule
fare: 17400-28200 won ($17-28) depending on the classification
You can choose to leave from Seoul (located at Express Bus Terminal Subway Station) or DongSeoul (located at Gangbyeon Subway Station)
According to a teacher living in Samcheok it's better to go from DongSeoul because it's not located in the center of the city and hence a faster trip. Leaving from the Express Bus Terminal, it takes a long time to actually leave Seoul because of all the traffic which could be easily skipped by taking the subway.

Haesindang Park (해신당공원)
Access: Take bus 24 from Samcheok Bus Terminal
Bus Fare: 1,600 for adults
Travel time: 40 mins
Schedule: buses leave every hour on the hour from 5:50am-8:20pm
there are two stops and entrances to Haesindang Park one at the top and the bottom of the hill; I recommend getting off the bus at the top of the hill because you can walk down through the park and exit the park at the bottom.

Park Hours: March-October 9:00am-6:00pm; November-February 9:00am-5:00pm
Admission Fee: adults 3,000 won

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