Sunday, December 22, 2013

fruit picking: mikan edition

Another round of fruit picking! This time mikans which are kind of a cross between an orange and a tangerine. Typically I see mikans being sold in supermarkets more than I see oranges. Haven't had an orange since I've been in Japan. Can't recall seeing oranges... Are there even oranges in Japan?!?

first thing first: take pics with mikan

picking mikans is a lot harder than picking grapes

Mikan picking season is usually from October to December. Today was the second to last day to pick mikans at this farm and so we had to look long and hard to find some good mikans. The mikan farm provided us with a mat and a bucket. We also got to take a bag of mikans home. We picked these huge ass mikans and only manage to fit 4-5 in a bag. We looked at some of the Japanese families who were there and they had all picked tangerine sized mikans and managed to fit like 20 or so of them in a bag! Didn't really matter tho because we picked more than our bags could hold and we just threw them in our purses.

I had a really nice time just chilling with Ellen, chatting and eating mikans. The only downside is that there is a pig farm nearby so the whole area smelled like manure. Couldn't really just lounge around taking our time since the smell was so off putting :(

The Details
Utsumi Fruits Mura
Access: Utsumi Station - Meitetsu Line
(If you give them a call they will happily pick you up from the train station for free)
Tel: 0569-62-2430 (Japanese only)
Fee: 1100 yen for adults, 900 yen for children
They only charged us 1000 yen though  - not sure why...


  1. I'm surprised you don't have mandarins in America.. At least that's what we call them in Australia lol

  2. lol we do! we call them tangerines or mandarin oranges but mikans are different!